Covid threat to essential services such as construction

Covid threat remains in place for the construction industry, which is now part of list of essential workplaces in Ontario.

As most of you are already aware, the Ontario government ordered all non-essential stores and services to close down to slow the spread of COVID-19, effective Tuesday night. The government released a 74-point list of businesses considered to be essential services with construction being included in the list.

Construction includes: (CLICK HERE)

  • Construction projects and services associated with the healthcare sector, including new facilities, expansions, renovations and conversion of spaces that could be re-purposed for healthcare space
  • Construction projects and services required to ensure safe and reliable operations of critical provincial infrastructure, including transit, transportation, energy and justice sectors beyond the day-to-day maintenance
  • Construction work and services, including demolition services, in the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sectors
  • Construction work and services that supports health and safety environmental rehabilitation projects

Essential workplaces or businesses in Ontario have been asked to put into place any and all measures to safeguard the well-being of their employees on the front-lines. These include strict protocols for physical distancing and regular hand-washing in order to protect the health and safety of all the relevant workplace parties and the general public.

Important Update:

Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, has issued the Chief Prevention Officer’s Guide that provides construction companies with the expectations for maintaining safe and healthy construction sites during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CLICK HERE to access the document.

CLICK HERE to read our 4S bulletin that contains guidelines on how to respond to a suspected COVID-19 scenario. As an employer, you can use this document as a reference to build your own COVID-19 policy.

For making information available to you easily, we will be hosting all our bulletins and information on our website: www.4sconsult.com

We are in communication with different organizations, government, and associations. We have received a number of good questions from our clients and are working with other organizations to get guidance and solutions. In these challenging times, many of the problems we are faced with will require out-of-the-box thinking; we are engaging stakeholders to work together to find solutions.

However, some basic tenets remain clear. If work is to go on at a site, you will need an OHS program with procedures that are reasonable at that time to be clearly explained to everyone at the site and rigorously followed.

Please stay tuned for more information – we look forward to our clients sharing some of the best practices that could benefit others and, yes, please continue to send us your questions. For more information, please visit our website www.4sconsult.com or call us on (905) 532-1488 or email us on info@4sconsult.com.

We commend the efforts of everyone involved in the construction industry during these highly testing times. You are the ones who are keeping the Ontario infrastructure projects moving despite the threat of COVID-19.

Please take good care of yourself and your co-workers by creating, communicating, and following a clearly defined COVID-19 policy. We urge you to keep yourself well informed on the latest updates on COVID-19 through authentic and reliable sources such as the WHO, federal government, provincial government, public health authorities, and top industry associations.

Stay safe, stay healthy.



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