Fall Protection

With over 35 of deaths caused by falls, they represent the single largest cause of serious accidents in Canadian workplaces today. Ensuring the safety of employees working at heights is paramount. Our "Fall Protection" training is crafted to provide individuals with the essential knowledge and skills required to reduce the risks of working in elevated places. Ideal for construction workers, roofers, and any profession that demands tasks to be performed above the ground, this training aims to protect and save lives.

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Unit Price$50.00 CAD
This course includes
    • Access to Fall Protection Course Content and e-learning modules
    • Digital Copy of Participant Manual
    • QR Coded certificate upon successful completion of course

Course Description

Diving deep into the fundamentals, participants will explore the different types of fall hazards and learn to identify potential risk areas. The course emphasizes understanding the intricacies of fall arrest systems, including how to select, inspect, and maintain these life-saving tools. Additionally, trainees will become proficient in the proper donning, doffing, and adjustment of personal fall protection equipment. Participants will also gain insights into anchor points, connecting components, and the importance of planning for rescue in the event of a fall. The training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering practical scenarios and simulations that mimic real-world conditions. This approach ensures trainees are ready to apply their skills effectively in real-life situations. By the end of the "Fall Protection" course, participants will be well-equipped to ensure their safety, adhere to regulatory standards, and foster a safer working environment for everyone involved.

What will you learn?

    • Identify and assess different types of fall hazards present in workplaces.
    • Understand the core components and functions of a comprehensive fall arrest system.
    • Learn the proper methods for selecting, inspecting, and maintaining fall protection equipment.
    • Master the techniques for correctly donning, doffing, and adjusting personal fall protection gear.
    • Dive deep into the importance and selection of robust anchor points.
    • Recognize the various connecting components and their roles in ensuring safety.
    • Understand the significance of a fall protection plan and its key components.
    • Engage in planning and preparations for prompt rescue procedures post-fall.
    • Apply knowledge practically through real-life scenarios and risk assessments.
    • Promote a culture of safety, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Supervisor helping his employee with fall protection

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