A complete COR service partner can help

A complete COR service partner can help Average Read Time - 10 min

It helps to get assistance from a complete COR™ service partner for getting successfully accredited. CLICK HERE for more information.

COR™ is a ‘business strategy’ and not a ‘business tactic’

For getting COR™ certification, a company needs to make significant changes on how it documents and manages activities. Further, the senior management needs to understand that pursuing COR™ certification is a strategic change. Therefore, it will require dedicated resources and may require changes on how the company conducts business. That’s what makes COR™ a business strategy and not just another tactic.

COR™ certification will create a major impact on your overall occupational health and safety program. The program will ensure that you identify workplace hazards much more effectively. Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) will provide you with the COR™ audit tools. These tools will enable you to better analyze your health and safety management program.

OHS experts bring experience as a complete COR™ service partner in facilitating COR™ accreditation

Getting COR™ assistance from experts is the most efficient way to get things done for gaining COR™ certification. They specialize in taking companies through the COR™ process through an established health and safety management system. OHS experts can engage in one-time activities, and then guide and coach the employees in the company to run and maintain the health and safety management system.

COR™ pushes the company to have a sustainable workplace safety culture. Further, it pushes companies to have a systematic way to maintain the program for the years to come. This is because the company needs re-accreditation every 3 years, while performing the internal audit every year. It is crucial to establish a health and safety management system for the company to sustain the COR™ program in an effective way without having to depend on any key individuals in the organization. There must be a process and a program to maintain the ongoing management such as training, inspections, investigations, and follow-up process.

Therefore, services of a COR™ support expert will prove highly handy for gaining IHSA COR™ certification successfully.

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