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Health and Safety Excellence program helps you make your workplace safer, while earning rebates on your WSIB premiums. As an approved health and safety service provider, 4S will hand-hold you through the cycle: selecting 5 topics, developing, implementing, and gathering evidence and preparing your submission for the WSIB. As part of this program, businesses can complete multiple action plans  till the end of 2023 and double their rebates each time. As one of the only programs that provides a financial benefit for implementing health and safety at the workplace, this program provides the perfect opportunity, especially for small businesses, to invest in health and safety and make their workplace safer.  As part of the 4S WSIB HSEp service, we assign a dedicated coordinator to support you throughout your WSIB journey and help earn your rebates.

Consulting Services

health and safety analysis
Complete Consulting Support for HSEp Program

Need support throughout your HSEp journey? We handhold businesses with the WSIB H&S program implementation from Start-to-Finish.

health and safety analysis
4SafeCom™ for Training & Inspection forms

4SafeCom™ will help you with training record management, online forms, time-off, preventative maintenance, meeting modules, and more!

health and safety analysis
Site Inspections

We conduct site inspections to ensure legislative compliance, providing corrective actions and opportunities for improvement.

health and safety analysis
Job Hazard Assessments

Get a detailed hazard assessment for all critical operations based on site-observations and interviews with workplace parties.

health and safety analysis
Gap Analysis for Legislative Compliance

We will come in and conduct a comprehensive Gap Analysis based on document reviews, site observations, and interviews.


Our Products

Green Book - Ontario
Green Book - Ontario

The latest version of the Green Book with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act with all pertaining regulations under the Act.

Unit Price $35

per book+ HST

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H&S Board
H&S Board

Start with the basics- Get a H&S Board (36” * 48”) with mandatory posters and WHMIS symbols printed and sections premarked for company-specific information

Unit Price $75

per board+ HST

Buy Now
H&S Policy
H&S Policy, Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy

Basic policies- Health and Safety and Workplace Violence and Harassment policies. Print, sign, date and post them on your board.

Unit Price $30


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Basic H&S manual
Basic H&S manual

Need a basic H&S manual? The manual will cover and meet the legislative requirements for health and safety. The manual does not include job-specific practices and/or procedures.

Unit Price $4,500


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Register with the WSIB and recieve a $1,000 rebate and member badge immediately!

Select the easiest topics and develop the policies and procedures in order to kickstart your health and safety journey.

Implement your procedures and collect objective evidence.

Get detailed feedback on your program implementation as you prepare for your submission and incorporate any required changes.

You can now receive double the eligible rebate if your organization has between 1 - 99 employees!

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Frequently Asked Questions about WSIB

Joining the WSIB Excellence Program (HSEp) offers several benefits. It helps businesses start developing a health and safety program tailored to their specific needs. By participating in the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Topics, businesses can:

1.    Earn financial rebates.
2.    Reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.
3.    Reduce employer liability by proving “due diligence”.
4.    Improve workplace safety culture and performance.
5.    Gain recognition for their commitment to workplace safety.
6.    The program provides a clear roadmap for improving workplace health and safety, which can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce, as well as potentially lower WSIB insurance premiums.

The WSIB Excellence Program (HSEp) supports the development of a strong safety culture within organizations by guiding them through a series of health and safety topics such as first aid, hazard assessment, workplace inspections, etc. Each topic in the program addresses specific safety aspects, ensuring a comprehensive approach to workplace safety. Through this process, organizations not only enhance specific safety measures but also cultivate a workplace environment where safety is a fundamental principle, integrated into all levels of the organization's activities.

The duration of the WSIB Excellence Program varies based on an organization's specific needs and pace. The time required to complete the program depends on various factors, including the size and complexity of the organization, the number of health and safety topics chosen, and the organization's commitment to implementing and maintaining these safety practices. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt the program to their unique circumstances and goals. The WSIB HSEp program allows businesses to choose up to 5 topics in an action plan. The business has up to 12 months to complete these topics and make a submission. Most basic topics take between 6-8 months while intermediate/advanced topics take between 12-18 months.
While the program offers flexibility, it's designed to be completed over a period of time that aligns with the organization's ability to implement and sustain changes in their health and safety practices.

The WSIB Excellence Program and the Ontario Government's Supporting Ontario's Safe Employers (SOSE) Program differ in several key aspects:


Program Focus:


  • The WSIB Excellence Program is designed to help employers develop a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) by guiding them through a series of topics focused on eliminating or controlling specific workplace hazards. This program offers a more structured approach with 38 standard topics to address various safety issues.
  • In contrast, the Supporting Ontario's Safe Employers program, initiated by the Ontario Government, focuses on recognizing employers with an accredited OHSMS such as ISO45001 or COR 2020


Eligibility and Participation:


  • The WSIB Excellence Program is specifically available to Schedule 1 employers, offering them incentives like financial rebates and digital badges for successful completion of topics and overall program participation.
  • On the other hand, the Supporting Ontario's Safe Employers program is open to all Ontario employers, regardless of their operational size or industry sector, and does not limit participation to Schedule 1 employers.


Incentives and Recognition:


  • Employers participating in the WSIB Excellence Program can receive rebates ranging from 1.4% to 2% of their previous years premiums per topic completed for larger employers, and at least $1000 per topic for small businesses (less than 100 Full Time employees). Additionally, they receive digital badges for their achievements.
  • For the Supporting Ontario's Safe Employers program, while specific rebate details aren't mentioned, the program does offer recognition for health and safety efforts and potentially WSIB premium rebates for implementing OHSMS. The SOSE program also offers financial rebates for up to 3 years.

These differences highlight the unique approaches of each program in promoting workplace health and safety. While both programs aim to enhance safety culture and reduce workplace injuries, they cater to different employer needs and offer varied methods and incentives for achieving their health and safety goals.

To join the WSIB Excellence Program, there are a few prerequisites that organizations must meet:

  • Active WSIB Account: Organizations looking to participate in the WSIB Excellence Program must have an active WSIB account. This indicates that the organization is registered with the WSIB and is in good standing, which is essential for participation in the program.
  • At Least One Full-Time Employee: The organization must employ at least one full-time employee. This requirement ensures that the program's benefits and structure are relevant and applicable to the organization's workforce.
  • No Specific Requirement for an Existing OHSMS: Unlike the Supporting Ontario's Safe Employers program, where having a non-accredited Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) in place can be advantageous, the WSIB Excellence Program does not specifically require organizations to have an existing OHSMS. This makes the program accessible to a broader range of businesses, including those that are developing their health and safety practices from the ground up.
  • Be in compliance with the workplace safety insurance act: To be eligible for financial rebates, the business should not have had a workplace fatality in the last 12 months

These prerequisites are designed to ensure that organizations are prepared and able to fully engage with the program's resources and implement the necessary health and safety practices effectively.

To register your organization for the WSIB Excellence Program, follow these steps:

  • Choose a WSIB-Approved Provider: Begin the enrollment process by selecting a WSIB-approved program provider such as 4S Consulting Services. 4S will assist you in developing action plans to improve workplace health and safety.
  • Ensure Eligibility Requirements: Make sure that your organization meets the basic eligibility requirements for the program, which include having an active WSIB account and employing at least one full-time employee.
  • Contact 4S Consulting Services: Once you've decided to move forward, contact us to initiate the enrollment process. We will guide you through the next steps, which typically include an assessment of your current health and safety practices and developing a tailored action plan.
  • Complete the Enrollment: Work with your chosen provider to complete the enrollment process. This will likely involve providing details about your business, your current health and safety practices, and your specific needs and goals within the program.

Joining the WSIB Excellence Program with an approved provider is a necessary part of the process. The program providers are health and safety professionals approved by the WSIB, and play a crucial role in delivering the Health and Safety Excellence program. These providers assist businesses in developing their action plans to improve workplace health and safety. Each provider offers services tailored to the industries and regions they serve, and their fees are typically set based on the types of services they offer. It's important to note that the cost of these provider fees is generally less than the potential rebates that can be earned through the program.

For organizations interested in participating in the WSIB Excellence Program, the first step involves selecting a WSIB-approved provider. This is an integral part of the enrollment process, as these providers are instrumental in guiding businesses through the program's requirements, helping them develop and implement effective health and safety practices.

In summary, enrolling in the WSIB Excellence Program with an approved provider is not just a recommendation but a necessary part of the process. The providers play a key role in guiding businesses through the program, ensuring that they meet the necessary requirements and effectively implement health and safety practices.

Organizations eligible for the WSIB Excellence Program's Double Rebate offering are smaller businesses with up to 99 FTE’s (Full Time Equivalent employees) . The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has tailored these added incentives specifically for smaller businesses to encourage them to invest more in health and safety. The benefits include:

  • Double Rebates: Eligible businesses can earn double the rebates for each topic they complete in the WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program. This incentive is available till Dec 31, 2024.
  • Additional Financial Support: These smaller businesses also receive $1,000 towards the development of their health and safety plan in both 2023 and 2024.

This initiative by the WSIB is designed to provide smaller businesses more opportunities to enhance their workplace safety while also receiving significant financial benefits, which can positively impact their bottom line. The intention behind these incentives is to promote safer workplaces and encourage smaller businesses to take active steps in improving their health and safety standards

The calculation of rebates in the WSIB Excellence Program depends on several factors:

  • Completion of Health and Safety Topics: The amount of rebate an organization receives is influenced by the number of health and safety topics it completes as part of the program.
  • Size of the Business: The size of your business plays a role in determining the rebate amount. The WSIB considers different scales for larger and smaller businesses.
  • Previous Year's WSIB Premiums: The rebate amount is also linked to the WSIB premiums paid by the business in the previous year.
  • Business’s Predictability: This factor measures how much the WSIB can rely on your past claims experience and insurable earnings to predict future outcomes. It affects how your rebate is calculated, with high predictability indicating a higher number of allowed claims and larger insurable earnings, impacting the rate less significantly due to lower volatility. Conversely, low predictability, associated with lower insurable earnings and fewer claims, means that the rates of your class will have more influence on your premium rate.
  • Rebate Limits: Businesses typically receive a minimum rebate of $1,000 up to a maximum of $50,000 per completed topic. If premiums are below $5,000 for the previous year, the total rebate amount you can receive is capped at the amount of your WSIB premiums for the previous year.
  • Special Provisions for Smaller Businesses: For smaller businesses (1-99 full-time equivalent employees), the WSIB offers double the rebates, plus an additional $1,000 for their health and safety plan. This means that a small business normally eligible for up to $4,000 can earn up to $9,000, which includes up to $8,000 in rebates plus the additional $1,000 for their health and safety plan.

These factors collectively determine the rebate an organization can expect from participating in the WSIB Excellence Program. The program is structured to incentivize businesses of different sizes to invest in health and safety topics, rewarding them financially based on their level of engagement and the scale of their operations.