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4S Consulting Services Shines Bright Winning the AVETTA Best Safety Industry Provider Award Average Read Time - 7 min

For over 18 years, 4S Consulting Services has been on a relentless journey towards excellence in safety, navigating the complex landscape of workplace safety with unparalleled dedication and unwavering commitment. It is with immense pride and a profound sense of achievement that we announce our recent victory – the prestigious AVETTA Best Safety Industry Provider Award!

4S has become an industry leader in helping organizations establish a comprehensive health and safety program upon conducting a gap analysis. Throughout our long and eventful journey, we have consistently strived to set new industry standards and have left no stone unturned in our pursuit for fostering a safer, more secure work environment for our clients. This tireless dedication to the cause of safety has borne fruit in the form of the AVETTA award, a recognition that stands as a testament to our hard work, innovation, and unyielding commitment to making workplaces safer for all. This accolade is not merely an award; it is a celebration of the countless hours of hard work, a symbol of the expertise that our team brings to the table, and a reflection of the trust that our clients have placed in us. We were able to win this award because of our holistic consulting, advanced e-learning training modules, and a state-of-the-art 4Safecom Safety System.
Join us on this exhilarating journey as we delve into the story of our success, exploring the principles and tireless efforts that have positioned 4S Consulting Services as the industry leader and the proud recipient of the AVETTA Best Safety Industry Provider Award. Our dedication to safety knows no bounds, and this recognition is not just a win for us but a win for every organization that prioritizes the well-being of its employees. Without our wonderful, hardworking, and talented team, this award would not be possible.

How Our Revolutionary Hand-Holding Model Contributes to Our Success

4S Consulting's 3 pillar OHS support model

The hand holding model provides end-to-end support for certifications, COR, ISO 45001, SOSE, and the Health and Safety Excellence Program rebates.


Our Innovative 4SafeCom Safety System

Our pioneering trademarked 4SafeCom System is an affordable, highly configurable, online safety system designed to help you achieve and maintain your health and safety goals ensuring effortless compliance. The safety system enables the seamless incorporation of OHS into your everyday operations, and breathes life into your safety program, equipping you with the necessary resources to be dynamic, agile, and responsive to the ever-changing environment and regulations. In addition to saving you time, energy, and financial resources, our online safety system enhances staff productivity and operates independently of any single individual, functioning reliably with or without a dedicated health and safety manager. The 4SafeCom System delivers all this in one configurable, functional, affordable, and sustainable package allowing you to sustain high levels of safety standards and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.
4SafeCom is utilized by many businesses to not only manage their training records, but most importantly to manage and track all aspects of their occupational health and safety program, as they enhance workplace safety in the digital age. The system is organized into modules and can be enabled and customized based on the business needs. Some basic modules include:

  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Meetings
  • Accident Investigations and Claims Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Contractor Management
  • Statistics and Dashboards

Depending on the nature of the business, modules are customizable. The 4SafeCom System has and continues to be used by businesses pursuing, achieving, and maintaining OH&S certifications such as ISO 45001 and COR. Learn more about our 4SafeCom System here.


CONSULTING: The Roles Our Consultants Play

Consulting and consultants play a crucial role in the health and safety field, offering a wide range of benefits for organizations seeking to create safer work environments and ensure compliance with regulations. Our consultants help to streamline your organization's health and safety. Here are some key roles of our health and safety consultants:

  • OHS Expertise and Specialization:With the team led by health and safety industry veterans our health and safety consultants are experts in their field, with specialized knowledge of regulations, best practices, and industry-specific requirements. They bring a depth of knowledge to organizations that may not be available. They keep you on time and ensure sure you achieve your health and safety goals and have an efficient health and safety program. Learn more about The Five Key Benefits of Health and Safety Consultants in Ontario here.
  • Customized Solutions:Consultants can tailor their services to meet the specific needs and challenges of an organization. They assess the unique risks and requirements of the workplace and design customized safety programs and strategies. Our consultants also provide added support through site visits and more hand-holding support.
  • Regulatory Compliance:Our consultants keep up to date with the latest OHS regulations, trends, and standards ensuring that our clients remain in compliance with local, state, and federal safety requirements, which helps with their due diligence. Therefore, reducing the risk of fines or legal issues.
  • Risk Assessment:Our consultants conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards in the workplace. This proactive approach helps prevent accidents and injuries, ultimately reducing insurance costs and workers' compensation claims. Our consultants offer an objective perspective, free from internal biases. They provide unbiased assessments and recommendations, which can be especially valuable when dealing with sensitive safety issues.
  • Improved Safety Culture:Our consultants help create a sustainable culture of safety within an organization. They provide training, workshops, and awareness campaigns that promote safety at all levels of the company, leading to fewer accidents and incidents.
  • Cost Savings:With their expertise in health and safety policies and procedures and preventing accidents and injuries, they help organizations save on medical costs, workers' compensation claims, and productivity losses due to downtime. Additionally, lower insurance premiums may be available to companies with strong safety records.
  • Continuous Improvement:Our consultants work with organizations to establish metrics and performance indicators. This allows for ongoing monitoring and improvement of safety processes and practices.

SOSE Program and How 4S Consultants Help You Get There

4S Consulting's award winning safety compliance roadmap

At 4S Consulting, we employ a structured Compliance Road Map to facilitate your progression through various program stages, ultimately leading to accreditation, which makes you eligible for participation in the SOSE program (Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers). The initial step involves achieving fundamental compliance, where our expert consultants collaborate with you to navigate mandatory training requirements. Upon completion of this phase, you become eligible to participate in the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program, which includes the opportunity to earn valuable rebates. As an approved service provider, 4S Consulting offers comprehensive guidance and resources to ensure your successful program completion.
If your business qualifies for COR or ISO 45001, we extend our support to help you align with industry-related standards and regulations. Lastly, for businesses meeting the criteria for the SOSE program, our dedicated consultants will assist you in the application process, ensuring that you achieve accredited membership status. Read more about the SOSE Program

Our health and safety consultants provide invaluable expertise, support, and guidance to our clients, helping them create safer workplaces, reduce risk, and maintain compliance with regulations. Their services contribute to the overall well-being of employees, reduce costs, and enhance the reputation of the organization in terms of safety and responsibility. We take great pride in our consultants since without them 4S Consulting would not be able to efficiently and effectively support our clients the way that we do. 


Training: How Our Customized Training Modules Separate Us

As a CPO-approved training provider for blended Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) and Working at Heights (WAH) training, 4S is an industry leader in delivering mandatory health and safety courses. Employee health and safety training is of paramount importance, it serves as a fundamental safeguard, ensuring that employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate workplace hazards, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and potential long-term health issues. Beyond protecting the well-being of the workforce, such training is a legal and ethical obligation, helping companies remain compliant with regulations and avoiding costly fines or legal complications. 4S Consulting takes great care in ensuring that employees and workers are trained accordingly and at a high level. 

With decades of experiences, our instructors' extensive backgrounds bring a wealth of expertise from diverse workplaces and health and safety environments, equipping them with exceptional skills to provide you with top-quality, pertinent, and relatable programs. We provide training approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO), including tailored e-learning, private sessions, classroom instruction, and virtual learning, all designed to suit your specific industry. Through our extensive library of adaptable training modules, our goal is to genuinely offer our clients the highest-quality training to enrich and fortify your organization's health and safety culture and elevate your commitment to health and safety. Our courses are also offered in several languages such as English, Mandarin, French, and Tamil. 

JHSC Part 1 – eLearning

Our CPO-approved JHSC Part 1 eLearning course offers a fully self-reliant, self-paced training experience. It encompasses eight online modules along with an evaluation quiz, allowing you to access and complete it at your own convenience. An added benefit of this platform is the potential to finish the course in as few as 15 hours, resulting in both time and cost savings, while ensuring access to all essential learning resources.

JHSC Part 2 – Virtual

Our JHSC Part 2 virtual course comprises two interactive, live instructor-led sessions conducted by our experienced trainers at designated times, accommodating up to 25 students per session. This two-day program offers the flexibility to complete the modules virtually accessible to learners from any location with an internet connection.

JHSC Refresher – Virtual

Our refresher training involves revisiting essential content from both Part 1 and Part 2 training, incorporating the latest legislative, standard, code of practice, and occupational health and safety updates. It also offers certified members a platform for sharing and discussing best practices and addressing challenges.

Working at Heights (WAH)

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) sets out the need for mandatory working at heights training. Various regulations such as Construction Projects, Industrial Establishments, and others detail specific elements for working at heights training and for the job site. 

Blended Working at Heights Training

Our CPO approved working at heights course is divided into two components. In Part 1, students will acquire fundamental working at heights (WAH) theory knowledge through our eLearning modules, guided by both our expert trainers and online resources. Part 2, on the other hand, delves into advanced theory and involves the necessary hands-on practical training, conducted in a classroom setting.

More Courses We Offer

1.    WAH – Refresher
2.    Workplace Violence and Harassment – eLearning
3.    Diversity, Inclusivity and Unconscious Bias – eLearning
4.    Diversity, Inclusivity and Unconscious Bias – Instructor Led
5.    Industrial Equipment and Training Courses
6.    Accident Investigation
7.    Asbestos Awareness
8.    Electrical Safety

And the list goes on. Get in touch with 4S Consulting to learn more about our course offerings. 



4S Consulting’s journey has been a testament to unwavering commitment, relentless dedication, and a passion for excellence in health and safety. The recent recognition of the AVETTA Best Safety Industry Provider Award is not just an accolade; it is a reflection of the countless hours of hard work and innovation poured into our programs and systems. We've built a legacy of expertise, offering top-quality training, tailored to suit your industry. We want to extend a big thanks to our consulting, training, marketing, and IT departments for making this a reality. Our consultants ensure your workplace is safer, compliant, and cost-efficient, while our 4SafeCom System simplifies safety management. With 4S Consulting, safety is not just a legal obligation; it's a culture that benefits both your employees and your business. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to empowering your organization with knowledge, skills, and a profound commitment to safety. 4S is eager to serve more clients through our training, consulting, and systems. We have touched over four million Canadian lives, and we will continue to do so. Your success is our success, and we're honored to be your partner in creating safer, more secure workplaces. Together, we'll continue to elevate health and safety in your organization and beyond. Reach out to us to explore our comprehensive course offerings and embark on a journey toward a safer, more compliant, and more efficient workplace.

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