Blended Full Certification

Blended Working at Heights training is a two part course recommended for professionals that work at over 3 meters (10 feet), including but not limited to construction workers, contractors, HVAC installation professionals, manufacturing workers, roofing contractors, window cleaners, telecommunication technicians and riggers.

CPO Approved Online Learning

Language : Eng

Unit Price$165.00 CAD
This course includes
    • Access to Working at Heights training Part - 1 & Part - 2 Course Content and e-learning modules
    • Digital Copy of Participant Manual
    • QR Coded certificate upon successful completion of course

Course Description

Our CPO approved working at heights training course consists of two parts. Guided by our eLearning modules and expert trainers, students in Ontario will learn the basic working at heights theory in Part I, and in Part II, the advanced theory along with the required practical components, in an in-person classroom setting. Our blended format allows you to complete your training easily and conveniently, while ensuring you understand and can implement the key concepts of working safely at heights on the job site when needed. Upon completion of the training, you will receive a QR coded certificate that is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. The E-learning portion is approximately scheduled for 3.5 hours and the in- person practical is scheduled for 4 hours of training. 

What will you learn?

    PART - 1 (e-learning)

    • Course objectives 
    • Potential Hazards for working at heights
    • Health and Safety Law in Ontario 
    • Roles and responsibilities and reporting hazards
    • Hazard recognition and the hierarchy of controls 
    • Ladders and similar equipment (Theory)

    PART - 2 (in-person)

    • Ladders and similar equipment (practical)
    • Fall prevention and protection
    • Legislative Requirements 
    • Personal Protective Equipment and limitations
    • Anchors
    • Rescue planning
construction worker standing next to a building

What Our Customers Have To Say


Most people rate our consulting 4 stars & above

Mark Savoury

WAH Training with Steve was fantastic. He was very entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable. The course was well put together and Steve added much real world experience to create a great learning experience. Would highly recommend this course and instructor!

Jordan Bartley

Completed working at heights training. Dave was the trainer, he was extremely knowledgeable and personable. Dave has a great sense of humour yet keeps it professional which kept the course material from getting too dry. All around it was a great experience, highly recommend.

Janine Pot

Had a great training session with Steve Thompson, very easy going but informative. Pushes you to use common sense, and makes everything very clear. Passed my certification for Working at Heights with flying colors!

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Green Book - Ontario
Green Book - Ontario

The latest version of the Green Book with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act with all pertaining regulations under the Act.

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H&S Board

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H&S Policy
H&S Policy, Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy

Basic policies- Health and Safety and Workplace Violence and Harassment policies. Print, sign, date and post them on your board.

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Basic H&S manual
Basic H&S manual

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