Forklift Refresher

Staying updated and refreshed in the world of forklift operation is vital for ensuring workplace safety and optimal performance. The "Forklift Refresher" training serves as a comprehensive review for seasoned operators, reaffirming key safety practices and operational guidelines.

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This course includes
    • Access to Forklift Refresher Course Content
    • Digital Copy of Participant Manual
    • QR Coded certificate upon successful completion of course

Course Description

This course revisits the essentials, ensuring operators have a strong understanding of the equipment's different components and their functionalities. From the basics of pre-operational checks to the dynamics of load handling, the training reinforces crucial operational insights to ensure safe and efficient maneuvering. Additionally, the training reviews safe driving techniques to navigate varied terrains and environments, whether crowded warehouses or outdoor construction sites. It emphasizes the significance of adhering to safety protocols, such as the correct methods to lift, lower, and place loads, while also highlighting the potential hazards associated with improper operation. Participants will also refresh their knowledge of the workplace environment. They'll learn to identify potential hazards, navigate around pedestrians and other machinery, and understand the importance of communication during operations. Engaging with the "Forklift Refresher" training ensures that even the most experienced operators remain at the forefront of safety and efficiency, reducing workplace incidents and promoting a culture of ongoing learning.

What will you learn?

    • Review the fundamental components and functionalities of forklifts.
    • Refresh knowledge on crucial pre-operational checks and equipment maintenance.
    • Reinforce the principles of load handling, stability, and center of gravity.
    • Understand the dynamics of safely navigating varied terrains and environments.
    • Recall safe lifting, lowering, and placing techniques to prevent accidents.
    • Reiterate the importance of recognizing and avoiding potential operational hazards.
    • Master safe driving techniques tailored to crowded and open spaces.
    • Emphasize communication strategies during forklift operations.
    • Reacquaint with guidelines on navigating around pedestrians and other machinery.
    • Understand the ongoing importance of adhering to safety protocols and standards.
Forklift operator at work

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