Emergency Response Refresher

This course is designed to educate the participant on standard procedures to deal with emergency situations, including fire handling, medical emergencies, chemical spills and other emergencies.

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Unit Price$55.00 CAD
This course includes
    • Access to Emergency Response Refresher Course Content and e-learning modules
    • Digital Copy of Participant Manual
    • QR Coded certificate upon successful completion of course

Course Description

Emergencies are unpredictable, but our preparedness shouldn't be. The "Emergency Response Refresher" training is designed to reacquaint seasoned professionals with the latest practices and protocols in emergency response. While initial training lays a foundational understanding, staying updated is pivotal to handle crises effectively. This course is crafted not just as a reminder of what you already know but as an opportunity to learn about new advancements, tools, and techniques that have emerged in the field of emergency response. Whether it's a natural disaster, an industrial accident, or a medical emergency, this course equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to act swiftly and decisively. Key elements of the course include a revisit to emergency action plans, understanding the role of first responders, and optimizing communication during crises. We'll also delve into the importance of coordination among team members and interfacing with external emergency services. The training emphasizes hands-on scenarios and simulations to ensure participants are not just theoretically sound but are also ready for practical action. This refresher aims to instill confidence, reinforce knowledge, and enhance the ability to manage emergencies with expertise. By the end of this training, participants will have sharpened their emergency response skills, ensuring they remain an asset to their team and organization during critical moments.

What will you learn?

    • Review and understand updated emergency action plans and their significance.
    • Reiterate the roles and responsibilities of first responders during crises.
    • Master effective communication techniques during emergency situations.
    • Recognize new advancements and tools in the field of emergency response.
    • Delve into coordination best practices among team members and with external units.
    • Engage in hands-on simulations to practice rapid decision-making under pressure.
    • Understand the importance of regular drills and continuous preparedness.
    • Learn to assess the severity of emergencies and prioritize actions accordingly.
    • Refresh on medical emergency protocols, including first aid and CPR.
    • Emphasize post-emergency evaluation for continuous improvement and learning.
Emergency response plan for an organization

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