8 key benefits of COR certification in Ontario

8 key benefits of COR certification in Ontario Average Read Time - 15 min

Key benefits of COR™ 2020 certification in Ontario, both as an employer and as a brand, include:

A strong health and safety management system

COR certification allows you to demonstrate the following to municipalities and organizations:

  • You have developed, implemented, and evaluated your health and safety management system annually
  • You have performed this process through comprehensive internal and external audits.

COR™ certification in Ontario allows you to identify, assess, and control workers’ risks better

Conducting interviews, documentation review, and making observations are all key parts of the COR™ audit process. Moreover, they help largely in evaluating the efficacy with which the employer is able to identify, assess, and control workers’ risks in the organization. Thus, benefits of COR™ certification for employers are huge.

Various industries across Canada recognize audit criteria used by COR™

Different industries in Canada recognize the audit criteria used by COR™. COR™ certified companies will become part of a nationwide network of companies promoting health and safety culture and excellence. This is one of the major benefits of COR™ certification.

COR™ tells your customers and authorities you have an active health and safety management system

In circumstances where you need to demonstrate you have an active health and safety management system, COR™ certification helps. Therefore, COR™ helps you win the confidence of your customers as well as the authorities. Thus, it becomes one of the key benefits of COR™ certification.

It provides you with the competitive edge – one of the major benefits of COR™ certification in Ontario

Companies registered for the COR™ program can gain a competitive edge over other peers bidding on certain projects. Moreover, COR™ certification tells customers that your company possesses an impeccable health and safety culture. Thus, with COR™, customers would feel more confident in your company’s abilities to manage health and safety requirements.

Helps you work towards creating a sustainable health and safety culture

As an employer, your workers’ health and safety is your first goal. COR™ certification helps you achieve this through development and maintenance of a health and safety management system. It helps you take a more proactive approach towards mitigating workplace injuries and illnesses to the lowest possible extent.

COR™ enhances your corporate image

It enhances your corporate brand image as a company that place workers’ safety before anything. Moreover, COR™ establishes you as a company working towards having a strong and sustainable workplace safety culture. Thus, your industry peers, community, and authorities see you a company committed towards workers’ safety. This is very helpful, especially while bidding on projects of safety-conscious companies.

With COR™, your program will comply with national standards

The participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) have endorsed all the stipulations. Therefore, your program will comply with COR™ national standards.

There is a lot of leg-work involved in getting COR™ certification in Ontario. Therefore, you will have to plan the COR™ process really well to meet the timelines. Getting assistance for COR™ certification from an expert COR™ consultant can help. COR™ consultants can assist you with the COR™ process from start-to-finish. They can assist you with online systems and tools that make your workplace operate efficiently with improved productivity.

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