4S COVID-19 Support to Employers

COVID-19 support4S COVID-19 Support to Employers

Right through the pandemic, 4S has been providing COVID-19 support to Canadian employers. What’s more, we have quickly developed and rolled out cost-effective online options for training. These include eLearning, online training, virtual classroom, or actual classroom training (where required). In fact, be it training or consulting support, 4S has been continuously assisting employers during the pandemic.

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CLICK HERE to know more about COVID-19 safety plan or CLICK HERE for more information on safe reopening.

4S thanks its training team for their efforts to maintain a safe work environment.

Information resources for COVID-19 support

Here are some sources from where you can gather information on COVID-19. What’s more, you can refer to our COVID-19 blogs:

Government of Canada & Public Health Services – CLICK HERE

Ministry of Labour – CLICK HERE

COVID-19 Articles – CLICK HERE

CPO-Approved JHSC Certification (fully online) BOOK NOW


Effective June 1, 2020, distance learning is available for Part 1, Part 2 and Refresher training. Find an approved provider. Also, effective July 3, 2020, the Chief Prevention Officer is extending the validity period of JHSC certification for some certified members.

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CPO-Approved Blended Working at Heights CLICK HERE

Effective March 27, 2020the validity period of Working at Heights training for workers who successfully completed an approved program between February 28, 2017 and August 31, 2017 has been temporarily extended. Moreover, the validity period has been extended to four (4) years from the current three (3) years. In fact, for more information, read the amended regulation O. Reg. 96/20.

4S Consulting has commenced classroom training for the practical component of the Blended Working at Heights course. Furthermore, this is effective April 24, 2020 with strict COVID-19 protocols.

In this regard, 4S thanks its training team for persistent hard work & efforts. Also, 4S would like to thank its training participants for strictly following the protocols in the interest of safety.

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We have implemented several new preventive measures to safeguard participants during classroom sessions. In this regard, please see some of our initiatives listed below. Also, check out our COVID-19 protocols video shown above on this page:

  • Reduced class sizes to maintain 2 metres between participants
  • Guided equipment training without direct contact with other participants or the instructor
  • Increased access to hand hygiene
  • Administering health screening questionnaires prior to starting the training
  • Following strict protocols on frequent cleaning and disinfection.

CLICK HERE to read more about our distance learning and blended training options under COVID-19.

COVID-19 support through online monitoring toolsCOVID-19 Monitoring Tools

We are helping businesses through our online COVID-19 monitoring tools. Moreover, these tools make it easy for employers to capture and analyze data for monitoring activities such as:

  • Daily site access
  • Contact tracing
  • Daily sanitation

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Classroom training requirements with distance learning and blended options

4S Consulting has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Ontario. As you know, both the federal and provincial governments are making significant interventions in response to COVID-19. Also, the Ontario government is now entering step 1 of ‘Roadmap to Reopen’ on Jun 11.

What’s more, these changes are forcing businesses to rapidly adjust while trying to navigate the resulting financial and operational challenges. 4S Consulting is here to help.

In fact, we understand the importance of health and safety training for businesses during this time. Moreover, we realize that when businesses are especially forced to run lean operations, having trained and skilled personnel is of utmost importance for business continuity.

If you are looking for any kind of health and safety training support, we can help you with multiple training delivery options. Moreover, if you are looking for any health and safety consulting support, we are here to help you.

For for any public or private training inquiries, please write to training@4sconsult.com. Moreover, for health and safety consulting inquiries, please write to info@4sconsult.com. Alternatively, you can call us on (905) 532-1488.


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