Why have workplace violence and harassment prevention training

Court fined a security services company in Ontario for not complying with workplace violence and harassment prevention training requirements.

Non-compliance with workplace violence and harassment prevention training requirements

Federal Force Protection Agency (FFPA) provided security services for the Oshawa City Hall. Moreover, MOL issued orders to FFPA to develop workplace harassment and violence prevention programs for its workers. Further, FFPA failed to do so and the court fined the company $70,000 for non-compliance.

What exactly happened?

In October 2014, an employee of FFPA suffered an injury. Therefore, this prompted a MOL inspection and inquiry at the city hall building located in Oshawa. During the incident investigation, MOL found that FFPA didn’t have a workplace harassment and violence policy in place. Moreover, the MOL inspectors found that FFPA didn’t train its workers on the policies.

As per provincial law, all Ontario employers must have policies on workplace harassment and violence. Moreover, the law requires employers to train workers about these policies. Therefore, the inspector issued 10 orders to FFPA to comply. Despite telephonic follow-ups by the inspector on the orders becoming due, FFPA failed to act.

Therefore, in March 2015, the MOL inspector made another workplace visit to verify orders’ status. During that visit, the inspector issued a non-compliance notice for 7 of the 10 orders. Hence, the court fined FFPA for $10,000 for each non-compliance, which totals to $70,000. The court imposed a 25% victim fine surcharge required by the Provincial Offences Act.

FFPA was charged under Section 32.0.1(1)(a), 32.0.1(1)(b), 32.0.2(1), 32.0.3(1), 32.0.6(1), 32.0.5(2)(a), and 32.0.7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Source: MOL Court Bulletin) CLICK HERE to read more.

What’s the upshot?

FFPA, as an employer, failed to assess the risks of workplace violence. Moreover, it failed to prepare, implement, and maintain a policy for dealing with workplace violence. Thus, the company also failed providing its employees with information and training about the policy and program. Online training is one of the best, easiest, and quickest options for an employer to train employees and managers on workplace violence and sexual harassment. FFPA failed in executing same order requirements for workplace harassment.

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