4S Consulting Services is committed to providing as much information you need on all things health and safety.

The issue is that most companies are just not aware of the mandates and best practices to keep a safe and secure environment.
We will try our best to provide a steady stream of seminars and workshops in order for you to be up-to-date with the current mandates, standards and technologies to help improve your health and safety program.

To register for our Due Diligence Seminar, please visit our Due Diligence page.
To register for our COR seminar, or to learn more information about it, visit our COR Seminar page.
To register for our Bill 132 (Workplace Sexual Harassment) seminar, or to learn more information about it, visit our Bill 132 Seminar page.

Below is our current calendar. We encourage you to save the dates and make yourself available for the seminar that applies to you. Bookmark and refer to this page often to see what we have coming up for you.

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