Find out why this Ontario employer was fined $75,000

Find out why this Ontario employer was fined $75,000

The courts fined Aspect Retail Logistics Inc., an Ontario employer, $75,000 after a worker suffered permanent injuries. The worker was operating a reach truck in a warehouse facility at Pickering.


On May 10, 2016, worker was operating a reach truck in the main receiving aisle of the facility owned by the Ontario employer. Moreover, the worker was attempting to make a left turn while he was approaching the end of the isle. In fact, this is exactly when the worker lost control of the reach truck and struck a wall. As a result, there was a collision, which resulted in the worker suffering a permanent injury. The courts believed that the reach truck may have slipped, although there were no witnesses for this incident. Furthermore, the water left on the floor by equipment used for scrubbing the floor could be the cause for slip.

What does the law say with regards to what the Ontario employer should have done?

According to Section 11 of the Regulation for Industrial Establishments, it is prescribed that:

The employer will keep a floor or other surface that a worker uses free of:

The Ontario employer – Aspect Retail Logistics Inc. did not keep the floor where the worker was injured operating the reach truck free of any obstructions as required by the regulation. This was in non-compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Therefore, the courts fined Aspect Retail Logistics Inc. on Sep 21, 2017.

Can 4SafeCom™ system help?

4SafeCom™ Safety Training and Management System can help an employer such as Aspect Retail Logistics Inc. in the following ways:

Implementing a ‘LIVE’ health and safety program

4SafeCom™ is a highly configurable, online safety training and management system that seamlessly integrates into the workflow of your business. Moreover, an employer can use the system to integrate and implement safety easily into the day-to-day business functions.

Job Safety Analysis

The Job Safety Analysis is captured into the system and provides a visual representation of the workflow and potential hazards. Further, based on the Job Safety Analysis, the company can develop and upload its policies and procedures. Furthermore, a company can use the system for issuing the required training. In fact, the best part with the online system is that it notifies everyone of the new policies and procedures put into place.

Conducting and managing online training

The online training module hosts all of your required training for the operations of the business. You can sync it with the training matrix. This tells you if any of your employees need any training, their user account automatically captures it and prompts them to complete it. The 4SafeCom™ system updates all legislation updates or changes pertaining to mandatory trainings free of cost. You can use the system to issue easily issue training for any new hire.

The training management module has all of your employees training requirements stored in the training matrix. The system will issue all pending training. It uploads and stores all the completed training certificates so that they are easily accessible for review, where necessary. The system’s administrator and supervisors will know of completed and pending training. Managers can easily see what training is required for new hires – based on the matrix.

Performing mobile workplace inspections

Your employees can easily incorporate safety practices into their workflows with 4SafeCom™ mobile. Employees can upload inspections and pictures straight into the system for review with a snapshot with their phone’s camera. You can create custom checklists suited to your own work environment. Supervisors can easily review and ensure the proper procedures are followed. This function will make it very easy to implement the safety program into your employees’ workflow.

Employee information tracking and acknowledgement

The 4SafeCom™ system can store records of inspections, reports, and disciplinary actions. Managers will also know whether employees have read over new policies and procedures as well. You can run reports to pull-up the required fields of information and you can easily follow-up on the same. You can also manage HR functions using the system. Employees can fill out time requests and sick forms all within the system.

As a 4SafeCom™ subscriber, you will get a training card issued for all your employees. Our state-of-the-art training cards house all the training information of an employee. On the job site, if your employee needs to pull-up any certification, he can do it easily through our system and on any device such as a cell phone that can open a web browser or just scan the card and the information will be available.

Carrying out and tracking accident/incident investigations

Accident reporting becomes easier with the 4SafeCom™ system. Just pull up a form and fill it out. Run reports, investigations, and follow ups. Figure out the trends and bottlenecks. Revise the process to reduce risks and down-times even further. 4SafeCom™ helps you innovate and reinvent your business flow by providing the information you need.

Claims management

The 4SafeCom™ system handles claims management very efficiently. Just open the module and fill out the form. The correct WSIB form for your region will be filled up – ready to be sent. 4SafeCom™ lets you be on top of the whole process. Monitor new and pending claims.

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