Businesses open under the Reopening Ontario Act must have a written work safety plan

Is your work safety plan ready? You will need it if your business is open under Reopening Ontario Act

Jules Arntz-Gray, Director, Occupational Health & Safety Branch, Ministry of Labour, Training & Skills Development said in a webinar with 4S on June 24 – “Every time someone shows up for a Reopening Ontario Act inspection visit at your business, they are going to say – can I see your work safety plan. So, I really encourage you if you don’t have one, please make sure you get one set up“.

COVID-19 work safety plans

Reopening Ontario Act requires COVID-19 safety plan for business openWhile majority of the workplaces have safety plans, unfortunately, there are way too many that do not have one. If employers do not have a template for a workplace safety plan, MLTSD has ready templates for use. In fact, a business that is open under the ROA, is required to have a written COVID-19 safety plan. Moreover, the plan must clearly state how the business plans to perform its work safely. Furthermore, the business must put the necessary controls to make the workplace safe for everyone.

The employer must ensure that they:

  • Make the safety plan available to any person upon request to review it
  • Post the safety plan in a conspicuous place at the workplace
  • Describe measures and procedures that they will use to reduce the transmission of COVID-19

Employers must have some kind of a plan to show what they are doing to keep their workers safe.

Did you review your safety plan with your Joint Health and Safety Committee? If not, please do so. Certified JHSC members can help you build a strong health and safety program to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


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