6 tips for your employees to stay healthy and safe while working from home

Your employees staying healthy and safe working from home is indeed the best option you will be looking for in the current COVID-19 scenario. This is a situation where constant communication with your employees holds the key. Please ensure you keep sharing all possible information with your employees to keep them updated on the COVID-19 situation.

This is indeed a highly testing period for all the relevant workplace parties – employers, workers, supervisors. All employers would know the significance of their employees staying healthy and safe while working from home. Moreover, it is important to create boundaries between work and personal life. Therefore, as your health and safety partner, we are providing you with five (5) tips that your employees can benefit from while working from home, self-isolating, or self-quarantining.

Tip 1: Maintain regular hours

Ask your employees to set a schedule and stick to it. It Working designated hours is crucial, but they must then be stopping their work once those hours are up. This way, their brain gets enough time to rest and stay fresh every time your employees commence their work.

Tip 2: Schedule breaks

Just like any working environment, it is crucial for your employees working from home to give themselves regular breaks. By stretching their bodies and relaxing their minds for a brief minute or two, their brain and body gets the relaxation it requires. What’s more, breaks can significantly improve your employees’ productivity and their ability to focus for longer periods. As tempting as it may be, ask your employees not to spend their lunch hour in front of their computer. This is brain refreshing time!

Tip 3: Get fresh air

Your employees’ bodies need to move, and fresh air and scenery are good for morale. Although they might be self-quarantining or social distancing because of COVID-19, it is still important that your employees pop out for a quick minute or two for getting some fresh air. However, at all points in time, ask your employees to ensure that they follow the directives communicated by the Canadian government with regards to social distancing owing to COVID-19.

Tip 4: Stay hydrated

Ask your employees to drink healthy beverages such as water, tea, and juices throughout the day. These can surely help in keeping headaches and fatigue at bay.

Tip 5: Socialize online with colleagues

Socializing is important for your employees’ mental health. Ask them to take advantage of the different social media and technological tools available to interact with people, talk about work or common interests using. They could use texting, video chats, WhatsApp messaging, phone calls, other chatting tools to freshen up their minds while staying abreast with what’s happening.

Tip 6: Watch your seating posture

Ask your employees to always ensure they stay seated with their back upright and neck straight while working on their laptop while working from home. Also, ask them not to sit for longer periods of time in the upright position in front of their computer. Request them to try taking a stretch break every 60-70 minutes. This way, they will feel fresher and better every time they commence working from home.


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