4S COVID-19 Monitoring Tools

4S COVID-19 Monitoring Tools

How we are helping businesses through our COVID-19 monitoring tools?

Here’s how our tools can help you:

Daily site access

Your supervisors can perform a quick health check based on the CPO’s guide as well as the guidelines laid down by Public Health Association of Canada. They can punch in the details of each worker entering your site into the 4SafeCom™ daily site access form. The senior management can review the data on a daily basis using the COVID-19 monitoring dashboards.

Contact tracing

All the health check details of your job site staff punched in by your supervisors can be easily traced geographically using the contact tracing dashboard of 4SafeCom™. Everything will be as per the guidelines laid down by the Public Health Association of Canada as well as the CPO. Therefore, you can monitor COVID-19 effectively at your job sites using 4SafeCom™.

Daily sanitation

The daily sanitation form of 4SafeCom™ enables you to track the fulfillment of sanitation requirements at each of your sites. At any point in time, you can know which site was sanitized, by whom, along with a detailed checklist of the equipment sanitized, which is signed by the person doing it. Using the daily site sanitation statistics dashboard of 4SafeCom™, you can easily track the site sanitation geographically.

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