Did you know your JHSC certification in Ontario could be expiring in 2019?

The new standard for JHSC certification in Ontario was made effective Mar 01, 2016. Therefore, have you passed your JHSC certification on or after Mar 01, 2016 sometime during that year? If yes, then your certification will likely expire sometime in 2019 because it is valid only for 3 years. Hence, you will need to register for JHSC Refresher Training course delivered by a CPO-approved training provider. Importantly, you will need to register before the expiry of the full JHSC training.

JHSC Certification in Ontario

JHSC Certification in Ontario

Requirement for JHSC certification in Ontario as per the new standard

The Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) of the Ministry of Labour (MOL) introduced the new Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Training Program Standard. Moreover, the CPO provides the minimum criteria that Ontario employers have to meet for it to approve their JHSC certification training program.

Further, the main objective of the new Program Standard for JHSC is to strengthen the training requirements for all the certified JHSC members, making it more consistent. Furthermore, the new Program Standard comprises three JHSC Certification Training courses – Part 1, Part 2, and JHSC Refresher Training.

New standard requirements for part 1 and 2 of the JHSC certification training:

Part 1:

3 days in-class training for approximately 19.5 hours.

Part 2:

2 days in-class training for approximately 13 hours.

For JHSC Refresher Training:

1 day of approximately 6.5 hours.

Validity of full JHSC certification

Full JHSC certification is valid for 3 years from the date of completion of part 2 of the JHSC certification training.

What topics are covered in the JHSC Refresher Training course?

The following topics will be covered in the JHSC Refresher Training course:

  • Review of key concepts from Part One and Part Two Training, updates to legislation, standards, codes of practice, and occupational health and safety best practices.
  • An opportunity for certified members to share and discuss best practices.

What will happen in case you do not take JHSC Refresher Training within the three years?

If you do not take the CPO-approved JHSC Refresher Training program within 3 years of completing Part 2 or the previous approved JHSC Refresher training, and you haven’t received a one-time exemption:

  • The CPO may revoke your certification.
  • If the CPO revokes your certification, you will have to re-take the JHSC Certification Training Part 1 and 2 (including JHSC Refresher training within 3 years) for becoming recertified.

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