Quizzes – An Interactive Way Of Testing Your OHS Knowledge

4S strives  constantly to provide you with vital information and knowledge pertaining to occupational health and safety. One of the best media for us is QUIZ. A highly interactive medium, quizzes are edutaining (educating + entertaining). Thus, why get bored with lessons when you can have fun while you learn.

You can take any of the 4S OHS quizzes and share them with your friends and colleagues.

Following are the list of current quizzes:

  1. Due Diligence – Take Quiz
  2. Internal Responsibility System – Take Quiz
  3. Mandatory OHS Compliance – Take Quiz
  4. How well do you know COR in Ontario? – Take Quiz
  5. Are you facing the risk of workplace violence & harassment? – Take Quiz
  6. What is an ideal sustainable tool to achieve & maintain COR? – Take Quiz

So, the next time someone says I know everything about occupational health and safety, let’s just get them to test their knowledge. Well! Just in case 🙂

Happy Quizzing!


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