Need COR certification to bid for a project in York Region

Is it mandatory to have COR Certification to bid for a project in York Region?

York Region mandates contractors to become COR accredited for project bidding

Going forward, York Region has decided to implement Certificate of Recognition (COR) for bidding on new projects. Moreover, it has called for the IHSA to assist them with their Contractor Management Program. It clearly wants to focus on occupational health and safety of contractors working on regional projects.

Therefore, the York Region has chosen to implement the COR health and safety program. To bid on future construction projects with an estimated value in excess of $150,000, York’s made COR mandatory. This comes as one of the major developments in the Ontario construction industry. Moreover, it adds to the buzz that COR has started creating in the ears of various contractors. Most of these contractors are already aware that Metrolinkx, TTC, GTA, and GTAA have started making COR a major requirement for bidding for projects. With York Region stepping into the scene, the significance of COR certification will increase manifold among construction players.

Show York Region that you are a safety conscious contractor through COR accreditation

Going forward, achieving COR certification would enable prospective contractors to demonstrate to the York Region that they have developed, implemented, and evaluated their health and safety management system annually by conducting comprehensive internal and external audits. Companies use a health and safety management system for managing risks, establishing controls, and minimizing injuries and workers’ illness. Moreover, health and safety management systems help a company identify, assess, and control risks normally associated during the execution of construction work.

In case a contractor has not yet registered for COR yet and intends to bid on future construction projects in the York Region, the company will need to complete Phase I of COR registration by Jan 01, 2018. Moreover, it will need to complete the COR™ certification by Jan 01, 2020. A company will have to meet both these requirements to be considered for pre-qualification and/or award for regional construction projects.


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