Joint Health and Safety Committee Virtual Learning

4S launches Joint Health and Safety Committee virtual learning

During COVID-19, we have modified our delivery for all our JHSC training by launching our Joint Health and Safety Committee Virtual Learning for Part 1, Part 2, and Refresher Course.

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Bookings are open for JHSC virtual learning

We are now accepting bookings for our first JHSC virtual learning public session on a first-come-first-serve basis (up to a max of 25 participants). Virtual learning for JHSC will run exactly like in-class training (Part 1 for 3 days, Part 2 for 2 days, Refresher for 1 day). The only difference from a physical in-class session is that participants will attend each class online in a virtual classroom run in real-time by the instructor rather than in an in-person classroom setting.

JHSC Virtual learning Part 1 Only (3 days)

Please note:

Participants need to successfully complete part 1 before proceeding to part 2

Length of Training: 3 days, approximately 7.5 to 8 hrs per day

Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM each day

Cost: $475.00 + HST per participant

JHSC Virtual learning Part 2 Only (2 days)

Length of Training: 2 days, approximately 7.5 to 8 hrs per day

Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM each day

Cost: $380.00 + HST per participant

Note: Part 2 must be taken within 12 months after completing Part 1. However, the participant will not be a Certified JHSC member until they have completed both Parts 1 and 2.

JHSC Refresher Virtual learning (1 day)

Length of Training: 1 day, approximately 7.5 to 8 hrs

Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Cost: $249.00 + HST per participant

Note: the JHSC Refresher course must be taken before 3 years have passed from the date of completion of the full JHSC Certification (Part 1 and 2) in order to maintain the Certified Member status.

Participate in a complimentary COVID-19 virtual workshop in August

You will be invited to a complimentary COVID-19 workshop for registering for the JHSC virtual training with us.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Assist you in fulfilling this duty as a JHSC member
  • Guide you on how to conduct effective inspections to identify the COVID-19 hazard at your workplace
  • Provide recommendations on how to mitigate the hazard
  • Help you connect with your fellow industries to discuss the unique situations in your sector and receive tailored solutions

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** Registration for Working at Heights Training closes 24 hours prior to each session date. If you would like to register for a session less than 24 hours before its start time, please contact for more information. Thank you.**


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