Don’t lose your COR momentum

It’s very important to maintain your COR momentum to make safety part of your organizational culture. Moreover, by pursuing COR you’ve decided to implement an OHS management system. Further, COR certified companies tend to have a competitive edge in the process of bidding for projects.

COR momentum is vital, don't miss it

COR momentum is vital, don’t miss it!

COR helps companies confidently demonstrate that they have developed, implemented, and evaluated their health and safety management system annually. Moreover, performing comprehensive internal and external audits would help them stay on top of health and safety. Hence, safety becomes part of their organizational culture.

After all the initial leg-work, why lose your COR momentum?

You’ve already put in the initial hard yards for registering for COR. Therefore, why would you want to lose your COR momentum. It’s in fact time to step up the gas and work harder towards becoming COR certified.

4S Consulting keeps conducting Breakfast Seminars on COR at different venues in Ontario. Here’s how we’ll help you maintain your COR momentum through the seminar:

  • COR seminar will be a good place for you to network with industry peers.
  • Get vital tips on simplifying what looks like a complex process to achieve COR in Ontario
  • Discuss key developments such as the York Region making COR mandatory, going forward
  • Understand key aspects of Occupational Health and Safety.
  • You can evaluate where you are in terms of achieving the IHSA COR certification.
  • You can get to know about online tools for managing your organization’s health and safety, which will help in gaining COR certification.
  • Know more about mandatory training compliance as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other helpful advisory services, which will make the COR certification process easier.

Online systems and COR READ MORE

Online health and safety management systems such as 4SafeCom™ make workplace safety a much easier process. This is especially important if you are pursuing COR certification.

Here’s how online systems can make a difference in your pursuit for COR:

  • Implementing a ‘LIVE’ health and safety program
  • Performing hazard assessment, analysis, and control
  • Conducting health and safety training and communication
  • Performing workplace inspections
  • Carrying out investigations
  • Laying down accident reporting procedures
  • Gathering key statistics, analytics, and facts to improve OHS processes
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