4Safe Products

4Safe Products

4S Consulting Services are working diligently to provide the health and safety solutions you need to be competitive in today’s market.

Here are some of our unique products.


4SafeCom™ is a state-of-the-art safety training and management system.
Some of it’s features include:

    • Online Health and Safety Management System
    • Highly-customizable
    • Robust and reliable
    • Inspections and Reports
    • Training tracking
    • Solutions for SME’s and Corporate

Learn more about our 4SafeCom™ Health and Safety Management System.

Learn more about our 4SafeCom™ Online Trainings


4SafeSME”>4safesme4SafeSME™ is our occupational health and safety solution for small to medium sized enterprises (SME). We saw a need in the market for a tailor-made solution to SME’s, that would take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of SME’s. This gave birth to 4SafeSME™. 4SafeSME™ is really a one-stop shop for all your health and safety needs

  • Dynamic Health and Safety Program
  • Person-Independent
  • 2-3 year program
  • Compliance with Workwell and/or COR™
  • Complete Solution
  • Customized towards your specific company

Learn more about our 4SafeSME™ Health and Safety Solution for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises.


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