4S Consulting Services protects your company and your employees with a live occupational and safety management program.We keep your business or organization in compliance with current occupational health and safety laws and regulations and help you provide a safe and healthy workplace environment.

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Beyond A Safety Program, 2017



4S has been instrumental in helping both Planet and Hughes implement the JSA and Lock Out Tag Out procedures. The online safety training and management system is extremely helpful in allowing Planet and Hughes to train and track, via their real-time, online tracking system, the progress of our employees. The health and safety of our workers is the most important part of our business and 4S has demonstrated dedication, leadership, training and guidance to both facilities.

Rina Borsella
Customer Relations Manager, Planet Paper Box Inc.

We are very pleased with the 4S support team in customizing the system based on our needs. We are now using the 4SafeCom safety system to train our staff of approximately 800 employees and track their health and safety completion status. Having 4S take care of our health and safety program allows us to focus on our business with peace of mind. Overall, we would recommend 4S and their services for their customized approach to meeting health and safety needs.

Steve Farris
VP Safety & Risk Management, International Truckload Services Inc.

4S was instrumental in helping our company get up to speed on all the OH&S issues we needed to be aware of, including creating and executing our OH&S manual and policies. They have a great online service to help you track and train and stay compliant. Their bi-monthly onsite execution services have been tremendously valuable in helping us maintain our OH&S practices. They have a complete package from end to end. I highly recommend them to any small-medium sized business that cannot hire dedicated staff.

Marco Acchione
Partner, DAGIGA INC.
We at 4S Consulting Services believe we have done our job right when client is trained with the knowledge and given the tools necessary to initiate and manage their Occupational Health and Safety program.

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