WSIB’s H&S Excellence Program

WSIB’s H&S Excellence Program – Your chance to get rebates for maintaining H&S compliance & building a sustainable program!

WSIB is coming up with a new incentive program for making Ontario workplaces safer for everyone. Going forward, WSIB’s Health & Safety Excellence Program will reward you as a business owner (small, medium, or large) for your efforts for staying in compliance & maintaining due diligence.

WSIB’s H&S Excellence Program:

  • Integrates the strengths of WSIB’s three previous voluntary programs:
  1. Small Business
  2. Workwell
  3. Safety Groups
  • Creates a single health and safety program with more service and delivery options with rebates & recognition for workplaces.
  • Connects employers of all sizes with WSIB-approved providers to help businesses develop a health and safety program that is suitable for their business and in building a management system based on best practices in health and safety.
  • Is delivered through a qualified network of WSIB-approved providers such as 4S, and is designed to reward you for behaviors and activities related to health and safety.

4S will help you create a program that pays you back!

4S is a WSIB-approved provider to deliver the H&S Excellence Program. Moreover, we will help all our clients currently undergoing program implementation and COR support in getting rebates on their WSIB premium based on meeting H&S Excellence Program requirements as laid out by WSIB.

Program benefits for 4S clients:

By enrolling in the H&S Excellence Program, you will:

1) Receive full support from 4S as a WSIB-approved provider to guide you through the H&S Excellence Program.
2) Get opportunities to network & share industry best practices for H&S with other 4S clients in your industry through group sessions.
3) Get potential rebates on your WSIB premiums to support your H&S investments.
4) Get ongoing support for achieving the learning outcomes for the topics undertaken under the H&S Excellence Program.

CLICK HERE to know more about the information sessions to explain H&S Excellence Program.

READ MORE about the H&S Excellence Program.


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