Why is blended working at heights course the safest during COVID-19?

Blended working at heights course – The safest under COVID-19

Blended Working at Heights course is the safest way to gain the certification during COVID-19. In fact, as per the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation (Ontario Regulation 297/13), working at heights is a mandatory training requirement. Moreover, the regulation clearly lists out all the requirements for the working at heights training. The validity period of this training is three (3) years from the date of completion only through a CPO-approved training provider.

What are the requirements of working at heights (WAH) certification?

You will need to enroll in and successfully complete with a CPO-approved provider:

  • Part 1: Theory (1/2 day) – do it online
  • Part 2: Practical (1/2 day) – do it in a restricted classroom of 6-8 participants with strict COVID-19 protocols.

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What makes blended working at heights course the safest under COVID-19?

1) Complete your theory portion online

Blended WAH allows you to complete the theory part online at your own pace. Moreover, you can do it from any place, be it your home or office. What’s more, you  reduce COVID-19 exposure since you are not doing it in a classroom environment along with other participants.

2) Do your practical training in a restricted classroom with strict COVID-19 protocols

As part of Blended Working at Heights training, we conduct the practical training for part 2 with a restricted classroom size  of around 6 to 8 participants. However, we follow strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of our trainer and the participants attending the classroom session. Therefore, blended WAH training gives you the advantage of e-Learning along with safe classroom learning.

3) Minimize your exposure with the blended working at heights training

When you enroll in our Blended WAH training, you will obviously reduce COVID-19 exposure as part 1 (1/2 day long) is taken online. Therefore, you will only have to go through classroom training for part 2 (practical), but with strict COVID-19 protocols.

4) Receive a QR-coded e-certificate upon success completion

Each participant for the Blended WAH course receives a QR coded WAH Certificate accessible easily through any device. Moreover, they can easily access their working at heights certificate from any device.

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