What is Internal Responsibility System

Internal Responsibility System

Internal Responsibility System (IRS) – The main philosophy behind occupational health and safety

A system that exists within an organization, IRS requires that every individual working for an organization has direct responsibility for health and safety as an essential part of his or her job. Moreover, IRS is the main and necessary foundation for the success of OHS.

The IRS requires every individual to perform health and safety based on their work profile. Further, being part of the IRS, each person takes the initiative on diverse health and safety issues. They work towards solving problems and making improvements on an ongoing basis. As part of the IRS, a person does this individually as well as in cooperation with his peers at work.

Why have Internal Responsibility System?

YOU are the MAJOR part of IRS

The major reason to have IRS in place is that you are a major part in the overall IRS.  Furthermore, every worker has OHS responsibilities under a well-defined IRS. These are a very important part of due diligence.

Your best way to drive down risk effectively

IRS by default ensures that every individual working for an organization feels responsible individually for OHS. It motivates them to contribute towards workplace health and safety.

IRS gives serious priority to the human element in risk management

What makes IRS a powerful system is that it is the only philosophy that captures the knowledge, experience, skill, insight, observational position, initiative, creativity, and enthusiasm of every human mind at the workplace. Moreover, individuals possess loads of information pertaining to tools, material, machines, environment, and processes in the workplace. IRS helps a company create an engagement culture where workers can share their local knowledge to constantly improve OHS.

Due diligence and IRS go hand-in-glove. Therefore, IRS becomes even more important for every organization for creating a safer workplace.


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