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Health and safety becomes a very crucial element for Small and Medium Sized Businesses




Small and Medium Enterprises…


“Is there a health and safety solution out there for you?”


Small and medium sized businesses fundamentally run differently than larger corporations. They are passion-driven, relationship-driven, end-user driven. Resources typically are not allocated towards systems and processes as they need to be reinvested into the business itself for growth and development.

However the government has certain rules and regulations to be followed to ensure safety and everyone is on even playing grounds. Furthermore. a health and safety program can be costly and time consuming to develop, implement and more importantly to maintain on an ongoing basis.


“A health and safety program can be costly and time consuming to develop and implement”


 Let’s say you want to do it yourself – do you have time for trial and error? Do you want to dabble around in a space where you can only think that you captured all cases? These are people’s lives that are dependent on your program. There is no space for trial and error. Imagine if that error is actually the cost of one’s arm, or leg, or sight, or life.


 “These are people’s lives that are dependent on your program.”

  Let’s say you want to invest your money in a full-time health and safety professional. You have a small or medium sized business – is it justifiable to allocate money to an individual just for health and safety? The job itself is very time-intensive, so if you try and get that individual to do multiple roles, again you are compromising on health and safety.

“Today’s business model is more modular. Outsourcing.”

 This is where outsourcing comes in handy. Let a company that is an expert in that field handle that aspect. You have the best value for money. There is hardly any time spent on guessing the system and it is less costly than hiring an individual for that one task. In today’s world – outsourcing and modular business models are the solution for small and medium sized businesses. They help you delegate tasks so your focus can be where the business really needs it.

 “4S is the best of both technology and expertise.”

 4S Consulting Services is a brain child of a software engineer and a health and safety industry expert – quite simply – the best of both technology and expertise of the niche it carved itself in. 4S has many solutions for all things Occupational Health and Safety.

4SafeSME™ is a health and safety program solution created after seeing exactly what the industry needed. 4SafeSME™ developed a refined process of custom-tailoring a unique health and safety program for each SME – a proven solution to create an effective health and safety program while remaining cost effective. With 4SafeCom™ running the backend, 4SafeSME™ runs seamlessly with your business. Whether you have a new process, a new equipment, a new recruit – time delay to your workflow due to training will be kept minimal with the 4SafeSME™ solution. Definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, yet it can be implemented as quick as one. That is the 4S way.

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