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We know how crucial your employees are to you personally and for the business. The time investment it takes to make the employees the best at their job is considerable.

That is why we at 4S Consulting Services highly advise you do your due diligence to provide a safe and secure working environment for them.

No one wants to make that devastating call to the loved ones of our employees about the unfortunate accident that happened at our workplace.

In today’s day and age – it is important to find a solution that is both service-oriented and progressive.

The safety program should take advantage of the ease and consistency of technology available to us today without eliminating the proficiency of the experts. You will find many technology-centric solutions that are not studied in occupational health and safety. You will also find many old-fashioned advisory companies that have not evolved their answers to today’s age.

“4S is the best of both technology and expertise.”

4S Consulting Services is a brain child of software engineers and health and safety industry experts – quite simply – the best of both technology and expertise in the niche it carved itself in. 4S has many solutions for all things Occupational Health and Safety. We thoroughly analyzed the process of implementing a health and safety program – the ups, the downs, the pitfalls & bottlenecks – and successfully created a turn-key solution.

Now implementing a health and safety program that is to the standards our employees and clients deserve does not have to be a lengthy and expensive task. On the contrary, by mitigating risks and damage you will definitely end up on top, especially when compared to other options!

We at 4S Consulting Services are happy to work with your existing program. We can revamp and fine tune it to make sure it is working for you and not against you. We offer:

Our custom solution

4SafeSME™ is a health and safety program solution created after seeing exactly what the industry needed. 4SafeSME™ developed a refined process of custom-tailoring a unique health and safety program for each SME – a proven solution to create an effective health and safety program while remaining cost effective. With 4SafeCom™ running the backend, 4SafeSME™ runs seamlessly with your business. Whether you have a new process, a new equipment, a new recruit – time delay to your workflow due to training will be kept minimal with the 4SafeSME™ solution. Definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, yet it can be implemented as quick as one. That is the 4S way.

Contact 4S Consulting Services Inc. to learn more about 4SafeSME™.

Learn more about our 4SAFESME™ solution.


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