Safety Culture

“The Safety culture – what is it, why do we need it, isn’t it just common sense?”

The safety culture is a lot more than just safety. It is about how things are run in your organization. Companies talk about how important safety is to their organization and just have no time to get anything going. This line of thinking is where the problem lies. The safety culture happens when the work you do has all aspects of safety as part of it.

There has been many things written about safety culture, a lot of great speeches about safety culture.

Please refer to the Ministry of Labour (MOL) website. It provides you with to vast information on pending court issues of businesses that had incidents/accidents.

Why have they failed? Yes, accidents do happen, however in each of these cases in the above mentioned, it is clear the safety culture did not exist.
The safety culture is the consistency – employees know what to do and all of them think and march the same drum beats when it comes to getting things done. Nobody wants an organization where if Jim takes care of you, Rob wont give you the same level of services. Jim and Rob may have the same minimum level of service and that is what senior management wants.

The trick here is to infuse the safety programs and procedures in how things are done. In a great safety program, it becomes habit not work. Like how quality is habit not work, ethics is habit not work, great service is habit not work. It needs to be woven into the very fabric of the company.

Every company risks a lot of things to make sure everything works. Whether or not its employees follow the proper protocols of handling their job is totally up to chance. No one supervisor can monitor everyone at all times. It is reliance of training and the following of procedures to make everything work that keep the owners and senior managers sleep at night.

Now with 4SafeCom™ it all comes to another level, we have added the layer of making the entire monitoring process to another level. There is nothing new here, what is new is that fact that all of this can be done at a fraction of the cost of the existing systems.

It is all about integration of the safety Culture. How do you integrate the Safety Culture?

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