Hazard Assessment

A Hazard Assessment is a preliminary step for any health and safety program.

At 4S we believe the hazard assessment is the backbone of the health and safety program.  How would you know about what the health and Safety program should have without knowing the hazards your employees face at their jobs?

It is the hazard assessment that determines the procedures your employees will need to do the job safely, the training they need, the personal protective equipment they need.  Without a hazard assessment, you safety program is just a compilation of copied and downloaded documents and procedures that has no relevance to your business.


It is extremely important to have a well understood hazard assessment that clearly reflects the company.

Our Hazard Assessments starts with analyzing your business, what it entails and the tasks that are involved in meeting your customer needs, be it a manufacturing facility, transportation, construction, or retail operation.  Once your business is analyzed then we look at what it takes for your employees to make this happen. Our Hazard Assessment details the exposed hazards that one may be exposed to in a company environment. We would also give you corrective recommendations to solve that problem, recommendations that would be the most feasible for you.

It is a fundamental component in the Workwell standard.

As one of the components in the Gap Analysis we determine whether or not you had a hazard assessment done.

In the hazard assessment we assess your workplace based off all the tasks that are performed in the operations of the business. Based on this information, an employer/supervisor will have all the procedural and training requirements they need for existing and new hires.

A hazard assessment is one tool you can use to prove due diligence legally.


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