• Consultancy services
  • Complete and current safety training, in-class and online
  • Program implementation
  • Program management (4SafeCom)
  • Audit assessment

Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services

Your focus is your business, not your occupational health and safety program. But you want to be compliance with current OHS laws and regulations, and provide a safe, healthy workplace environment.

During an initial site visit, our occupational health and safety consultant(s) identify your areas of risk and recommend the steps necessary to address gaps and protect your business.

Occupational Health & Safety Training (in class and online)

By law, you must provide training to staff, but you want to make sure it fits your particular workplace in terms of content, language, easy to access and technology-friendly, even branding. Once initial training is complete, you need to document employee records and stay on top of new training requirements.

We provide over 90 online and in class training courses, which can be customized to your industry, organization and language requirements. Our technology, 4SafeCom, provides a central source for employee training information so you are confident that all legal requirements are kept up to date.

Occupational Health & Safety Program Implementation

Every company and organization in Canada must have an approved occupational health and safety program with properly trained staff. You are either setting up a new company or need to enhance your current OHS program to keep it compliant. You haven’t the time or resources to research all that is involved and need a one-stop provider so you can get everything quickly and within your budget.

4S Consultancy Services visits to your site and provides you with recommendations on all phase of getting your program up and running. From the initial business flow analysis through design, implementation and follow-up, we make sure you have a program custom to your needs, with training in place and way to manage the program going forward so you remain compliant.

Occupational Health & Safety Program Management

Your organization is vulnerable every time laws or regulations change, when you add or remove workers, or change business needs. Whether or not you have in-house OHS staff, managing your program takes time and resources, perhaps even travelling from branch to branch. If your business has more than one location, this can become particularly challenging.

The 4SafeCom program is an easy to use yet powerful tool that systemizes your occupational health and safety program so you can changes in legal regulations, evolving business needs, and new training as required. Whether or not you are a single entity or have multiple locations spread across Ontario, you remain compliant.

We can also provide short-term outsourced staff and management for your occupational health and safety program.

Occupational Health & Safety Audit Assessment

You must prepare for a compliance audit or need to evaluate your current program with a trusted, third party.

The audit is a snapshot of your occupational health and safety program at the time of the audit. A detailed report is provided, indicating areas of non-compliance and recommendations.

Program Adaptation

You need an ongoing compliance program in an area other than occupational health and safety. 4SafeCom can be adapted to programs beyond occupational health and safety. Talk with our consultants to see how this might work for you.

Looking for short-term outsourced staff and management for your occupational health and safety program?


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