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Most companies be it construction, manufacturing, healthcare or just about any sector think about what they could have done to prevent a terrible incident when it is too late. Doing everything ‘reasonable’ under the circumstances is due diligence.

Due diligence in not a past or future process. It’s an ongoing process that focuses mainly on ensuring that you have done everything as an employer under the given circumstances to protect the health and safety of your workers.

Learn more about why and how to prove due diligence at the Due Diligence Breakfast Seminar on Nov 08, 2017. Many business owners and companies who attended our previous Due Diligence Seminar on Apr 26, 2018 took away lots of insights.

Given that the MOL has increased the maximum fine for workplace safety offences and non-compliance of the OHSA requirements, Due Diligence has become even more important to ensure you bring the risks down to as low as could possibly could while trying to increase your profits and overall productivity.

Key takeaways for organizations from the due diligence seminar:

  • How and why you should identify risks and hazards through a comprehensive job safety analysis (JSA) / job hazard analysis (JHA)?
  • How does developing company specific policies and procedures based on your JSAs / JHAs help?
  • Why is it vital for your organization’s policies, procedures, and safe/standard operating procedures (SOPs) to meet or exceed the minimum standards?
  • Why is training all your employees on company specific policies/procedures and applicable standards crucial from a due diligence standpoint as well as for employee engagement?
  • What is the role played by ongoing hazard identification, regular inspections, and correction of hazards in terms of due diligence?
  • Why is it critical to review your health and safety program, perform safety compliance audits from a due diligence standpoint?
  • How can communication of risks and steps to prevent hazards help in terms of due diligence?
  • How does it help having ongoing reminders and enforcement through disciplinary actions?
  • How can you prove your due diligence?
  • Why is it vital to have and document procedures for investigating accidents and/or incidents?
  • Why is it important to have a Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment prevention training in Ontario?
  • Why do you need to document everything?

Join Sobi Ragunathan as she shows us how to be in compliance and stay in compliance.

4S Breakfast Seminar on Due Diligence will enrich you with vital information about due diligence pertaining to workplace health and safety. Each company can nominate a maximum two participants - 1 Senior Management (President/Owner) & 1 H&S Manager (Any person who is in direct link with the H&S Process) for the Due Diligence Breakfast Seminar on Nov 08, 2018.

Complimentary breakfast will also be provided


4S Consulting Services Inc. (4S Office)

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8:00am – 8:15 .a.m.:
Breakfast and Networking

8:15am – 9:30 .a.m.:
Presentation by Sobi

9:30am – 9:45 a.m.:
Question & Answer


For tca members $15.00/person

For non-tca members $20.00/person



Space is limited to 15 participants.
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