Spill response

It is important for organizations that deal with significant quantities of chemicals to have a chemical spill policy and procedures in place. This training outlines the preplanning that is necessary in order to respond to chemical spills in a safe manner, the responsibilities of various individuals during a spill situation and the equipment needed to handle both large and small spills.

Employees will have the opportunity to understand the contents of a spill procedure and be aware of the emergency protocol and procedures such as the roles and responsibilities during a spill emergency. Furthermore, this training is designed to generate awareness among the employees in terms of understanding the key products used during the process of handling a spill and their functions such as personal protective equipment and absorbents.

Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
1 to 10$ 45.95
11 to 20$ 42.95
21 to 50$ 40.95
50 to 100$ 35.95
101 to 200$ 30.95
201 to 500$ 25.95
500+$ 20.95

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