Online health and safety training to support you during COVID-19

Online health and safety training can be extremely effective for businesses as the impact of COVID-19 worsens. With social distancing happening in full swing, classroom training sessions are not possible at the moment. Therefore, online training becomes a great option for businesses under these circumstances.

Here are 3 major benefits of online health and safety training for businesses:

Completing multiple health and safety training courses in multiple languages

When training providers have shut down classroom training owing to social distancing requirements, online training can be extremely helpful. As a business, if you subscribe to an online safety training and management system such as 4SafeCom™, your staff will have access to more than 80 online health and safety training courses in multiple languages.

Moreover, given the shorter time span taken to complete online training, your staff can take many training modules at once. This cannot be possible in case of classroom training.

Easy management of staff training

As an employer, online safety training records are much easier to manage, especially when you use a full-fledged learning management system such as 4SafeCom™. Moreover, an online safety training management system provides you with easy-to-use dashboards to manage your staff’s training records.

What’s more, an online training system can send you training matrix reports periodically, which you can pre-configure. The system records each employee’s information, which makes it very easy for you to access it anytime and anywhere.

The added advantage you have using an online training system such as 4SafeCom™ is that you can use QR coded cards for storage and fast access of your employees’ training records.

Faster and more effective training communication to staff

When it comes to effective and fast communication of training courses, beating online training would be difficult. Let us share an example with you to make you understand better. With social distancing in full operation, businesses are struggling to find effective ways of getting relevant information about COVID-19 awareness to their staff faster. To make training communication easier for businesses, we launched our COVID-19 online awareness training. It has two versions – for employers and employees. Now, the employers have an fast and easy way to communicate the COVID-19 awareness information to their staff spread across the country.


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