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JHSC certificationJoint Health and Safety Committee training (JHSC certification training) is a mandatory requirement in Ontario for employers with 20 or more workers. Learn more about JHSC eLearning, the safest & easiest way to become a certified member.


Members with JHSC certificationJHSC certification requirements

In Ontario, workplaces with 20 or more workers are required by law to have a joint health and safety committee.

The JHSC must include at least one (1) worker and one (1) manager. Moreover, the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) from the Ministry of Labour, Training & Skill’s Development (MLTSD) must certify those members.

Let’s now understand how to become a certified JHSC member.

Who’s a certified JHSC member?

A certified JHSC member is one who has successfully completed the CPO-Approved JHSC Certification Training Program. JHSC training program has two (2) parts. To become a certified JHSC member, you will need to complete both parts successfully.

How long is JHSC training valid?

JHSC training program is valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of completion of part 2 training. Moreover, you must complete a one-day CPO-Approved Refresher Program within 3 years of completing part 2 to maintain the validity of the your JHSC Certification.

What are the different JHSC training delivery methods?

JHSC elearningJHSC certification eLearning & virtual learning (Safest during COVID-19)

4S is the FIRST private provider to provide JHSC completely online 

JHSC Part 1: eLearning (only 15 hrs; save ~1 day)

Learn anywhere, anytime from anyplace with self-paced learning modules. However, it is only available for JHSC Part 1, as Part 2 needs to be done through a virtual classroom session for two days. That said, participants will have access to a dedicated instructor during their JHSC eLearning. In fact, the biggest advantage is that participants can complete Part 1 in as little as 15 hours! Hence, they save a full day.


“After completing 4S JHSC E-Learning Module for Part 1 I felt as if I was able to thoroughly grasp all of the contents taught and able to apply them into real-life situations from the start. I was able to complete the Module on my own time (over the course of a few days) and was able to pick up exactly where I had left off with no glitches. Everything taught was simplified, and the interactive element combined for one of the best learning experiences from an E-Learning Module I have received to date.”

Salvatore Pillitteri

Junior Project Manager, Primrose Contracting (Ontario) Inc.


JHSC virtual learningJHSC Part 2: Live Instructor-Led Virtual Learning (2 Days)

Our instructor conducts a live virtual classroom session over Zoom.

What’s more, it is available for JHSC Part 1, Part 2, and JHSC Refresher training. Moreover, participants can enjoy a traditional classroom experience from the comfort of their home or office.

In-Person Classroom Training for JHSC 

Currently not offered due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please wait for further updates.

For more information, write to training@4sconsult.com or call us on (905) 532-1488.

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