IPAC Online Training

Infection Prevention and Control at Work: Basic Awareness Training

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IPAC Online Training, also known as Infection prevention and control at work training, is an integral component of a workplace’s occupational health and safety program and effective strategies need to be in place for the safety and protection of your workers.

Infection Prevention and Control at Work: Basic Awareness Training

**Now Available**

A new online training program is now available to help Ontario workers recognize infection hazards in the workplace and what can be done to prevent them.

IPAC Online Training is a complimentary 30-minute e-Learning program:

  • It is relevant for all workers across all sectors in Ontario
  • Learn:
    • What Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) is
    • Why it is important
    • How infections are spread
    • The steps you and others can take to prevent and control infections in the workplace

It has been developed in consultation with infection control consultants and epidemiologists.

What’s next?

Ontario employers can easily access this free e-Learning through the 4SafeCom™, the proprietary Online Safety Training and Management System of 4S Consulting.

To get started with your e-Learning, please fill out the inquiry form below for our team to connect with you to assign this free online training or write to us at training@4sconsult.com.

Please note registration for IPAC training may take 3-5 business days.

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