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4S Consulting has partnered with GTHA to provide their members with customized Occupational Health and Safety Consulting Services, which are listed on this page.

For any inquiries or setting up an appointment, please fill out the registration form at the end of this page. Our OHS consulting advisors will get back to you to discuss your requirements to provide you with sustainable solutions.

Why have 4S as your OHS support partner?

Our customized OHS consulting support for GTHA members

Based on the current level of your program, we can offer GTHA members a wide variety of customized OHS consulting services mentioned below:


Safety Compliance Review / Gap Analysis

4S offers Safety Compliance Review or Gap Analysis to help you understand where you are currently with your health and safety program compared to where you should be. We will thoroughly assess your health and safety program and provide you with a clear roadmap with recommendations to help you maintain compliance. Moreover, we can provide you with viable tools and resources to sustain your program. Gap analysis performed by an expert third party serves as a strong due diligence document and helps you build a continuous improvement plan.



Our trained experts can come and assess your workplace

We will be reviewing your policies and procedures, health and safety material, hazard identification report, the reporting channels for injuries and illnesses, health and safety training provided to employees, first aid accessibility, return to work schedules and plans, etc. All this will be documented and presented in a comprehensive report, listing out which areas have scored well and which areas you need to focus on. These recommendations will help you draft your continuous improvement plan.



Job Hazard Analysis / Risk Assessment

A Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) is a preliminary step for any health and safety program. It is the foundation of your program. 4S will support you in building your hazard assessment that will help you determine the procedures your employees will need to follow to do their job safely, the training they need, the personal protective equipment they need. Our JHA starts with analyzing your business, what it entails, and the tasks involved in meeting your customer needs. A hazard assessment is one tool you can use to prove due diligence legally.




Health and Safety manual

Don’t have a health and safety manual? Or your existing one has been buried in so much dust that it’s not relevant anymore? Have no worries – 4S is here to help. We will work with you to create a new customized health and safety manual that is customized for your specific business requirements. If you have an existing safety manual, we can spruce it up to be relevant to today’s OHS regulations. However, we advise you to perform a Hazard Assessment first. This way, you ensure all potential hazards from your business operations are covered and addressed. 


In addition to the above with a wide range of other OHS consulting services, which include:

  • Support with site inspections
  • Attending JHSC meetings and mentoring your committee members
  • Mentoring your workers

The nature of OHS consulting will be decided based on the current level of your program and the scope of work.

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