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External COR Auditors

4S Consulting Services Inc. are Associate External COR Auditors of the IHSA.

As Associate External COR Auditors of the IHSA, we are authorized by the IHSA to perform the external COR audit for your company once you have cleared your Internal Audit phase.

For the list of Associate External COR Auditors, CLICK HERE. Once you are ready to get you External COR audit kick started, please call us at (905) 532 1488 or write to us at

Start-to-finish COR support

In addition to being Associate External COR Auditors, we provide full COR support and consulting services. Moreover, this service is for companies who are registered for COR but not yet certified. Therefore, if you are looking for help to get COR certified, we can serve you from start to finish. Further, we will be assigning a project manager and project coordinator to your company. In fact, they will be doing all the leg-work for you. Thus, they will help you put your documentation for COR together. Furthermore, our team will train and mentor your staff top maintain your program. Thus, you can worry more about the procurement process and executing projects. Hence, we will help you build a sustainable safety culture. In fact, this is crucial for achieving and sustaining COR. Once you have a sustainable safety culture in place, maintaining COR will become a breeze.

Choose your COR consultant wisely

As a COR Consultant, we have a good track record of taking our COR clients from start to finish. Moreover, our average client score for COR is 95%. When to come to 4S for COR support, you are getting a partner who will walk along the COR journey with you. In fact, we will be there for you at every step before and after you have achieved COR certification. Further, we provide our clients with tools that will help them not only get COR certified, but also to maintain COR certification in a sustainable manner.

However, the tools you choose to achieve and manage COR play a crucial role in building a safety culture. Therefore, ensure that you choose your tools and COR support providers wisely. In fact, it is advisable to go with a COR consultant who will walk the journey with you. Hence, you must do your homework well before you select your consultant.

As your COR support partner, we will work with you and for you to get you to the finish line. We generally observe that many companies drop the ball once they pass COR in year 1. Thus, support from an expert COR consultant comes in handy here. They will ensure that you are maintaining your program up to the required standard. Furthermore, they will help mentor your staff to maintain COR on their own. When you choose a COR support partner, ensure that it is not someone that provides you with a band-aid solution. Go for someone who helps you with sustainable tools to achieve and maintain COR.

As your COR support partner, 4S is completely results driven. Our focus is to get you COR certified.

Our full COR support services include:

  1. Job Hazard Analysis & Workplace Violence Risk Assessment along with health and safety program development.
  2. Writing and/or updating of policies, procedures, and safe job practices (SJPs) based on COR standards.
  3. Employee training and record management involving implementation of our 4SafeCom Safety Training and Management System, which will make your program come alive.
  4. We support our COR clients with online and in-class trainings. These include CPO-approved Working at Heights & JHSC certification. Further, other trainings include Forklift, Elevated Work Platforms training (scissor lift, boom lift, etc.), confined spaces, basics of supervision, essentials of OHS management. In fact, we provide all kinds of OHS training support.
  5. Internal Audit Preparation and COR Submission for Ontario. We do all the leg-work for you.
  6. Preparation for the External COR Audit for Ontario (only for those clients for whom we are not the Associate External COR Auditors).
  7. Site inspections, visits, and spot audits to ensure the program is being followed and maintained up to the required COR standards.
  8. Mentoring your JHSC members as well as middle management to help you sustain COR. In fact, it is crucial for you to get the buy-in of your middle management for COR success.
  9. Maintenance of the health & safety program, COR continuous improvement plan, and annual audit assistance. Thus, you will sustainable program that is always looking to improve.
  10. Monitoring the program for ensuring that you stay in compliance and remain in good standing for years 2 & 3.

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