Define due diligence in 5 best ways

How does one define due diligence? 

This is a common question that comes to everyone’s mind. Internal Responsibility System (IRS) means that everyone at the workplace does health and safety as part of their job. However, due diligence is how one executes his responsibilities towards workplace safety reasonably in the given circumstances. Therefore, it is important to define due diligence. Here are 5 best ways to define due diligence:

Due diligence and IRS go hand-in-glove

Due diligence means that you have done everything reasonable in the given circumstances to comply with your duties. On the other hand, IRS makes health and safety everyone’s responsibility at the workplace. Therefore, both concepts go hand-in-glove.

One can define due diligence as a legal defense

In case of an OHSA offence, due diligence acts as a legal defense help acquit you of the charges. Moreover, the defendant needs to prove due diligence on balance of probabilities to the court. Therefore, the judge must just be 51% convinced about the due diligence to acquit the defendant.

Due diligence is a general duty

Sec 27 of Occupational Health and Safety Act lists down due diligence as the general duty of a supervisor. Further, the Act requires a supervisor to perform due diligence as a general duty. Furthermore, this involves taking every precaution that is reasonable in the given circumstances to ensure workers’ health and safety. Therefore, it helps in bringing down risk to the lowest possible levels.

Due diligence helps when the regulations are silent in certain scenarios

One can define due diligence as a good management principle. This is especially true in scenarios where there are no company procedures or even the regulations aren’t clearly specified.

Due diligence helps a company go beyond regulations

Due diligence helps a company go beyond the regulations. This is precisely why the OHSA made it a supervisor’s general duty under Sec 27. Therefore, the OHSA expects you to do everything reasonable in the given circumstances to ensure workplace safety.


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