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COR Services and Assistance by 4S Consulting

4S is an occupational health and safety advisory firm in Canada that offers COR services and assistance to its clients. 4S helps its clients first, achieve COR compliance and second, maintain COR. Furthermore, 4S is the only COR support services provider that helps its clients build a strong and sustainable safety culture. This is done through three major pillars – 4SafeCom online safety management software, consulting, and training. Moreover, 4S’ revolutionary approach of integrating software, consulting, and training tightly from senior management to frontline workers has been making a big difference for its clients. Also, our strong methodology not only helps companies get into compliance, but also ensures that they stay in compliance.

If health and safety isn’t easy to achieve, 4S realizes that you may not tackle it the way you should. Thus, 4S envisions making COR process in Ontario EASY for you. Therefore, it provides you with all the necessary tools, systems, and support as part of its COR services and assistance. Consequently, the COR process becomes not only becomes easier but much more efficient.

We can help you achieve COR in Ontario in the following ways:

As your COR support partner, we will help you build a sustainable health and safety culture. Which means, your health and safety program remains in tact even in the event that a key employee decides to leave.

We take an ‘all-inclusive flat monthly payment’ for our full COR support service.

Our full support service include:

We provide you with all the tools that you would require to develop, measure, and maintain a technology and process-driven health and safety program.

Please Note:

If you use our COR gap analysis service and later decide to use our services as a full COR support partner, we will credit back half of the cost you paid for performing the gap analysis during the first year of consulting.

We conduct breakfast seminars on preparing for internal audit to achieve COR in Ontario. CLICK HERE to register for the next seminar to know more about COR. Breakfast seminars on COR are a good way to network and understand your COR requirements better.

With 4S as your COR support partner, you will benefit from the following:

Online trainings and classroom training support

4S is a Chief Prevention Officer-approved training provider for the Working at Heights and Joint Health and Safety Training (JHSC) certification programs in Ontario. Also, 4S is also CPO-approved training provider for blended learning for Working at Heights and JHSC training. Moreover, 4S can provide classroom training support for training in confined spaces, forklift, and other hazard-specific trainings. Further, 4S clients can access an OHS training library of more than 80 online training modules. Furthermore, 4S supports its clients with classroom and private training requirements. Be it OHS training, consulting, site inspections, or full COR assistance, 4S is a one-stop-solution provider for all your health and safety needs.

Health and safety consulting services – Site inspections, Job Hazard Analysis, Safe Job Procedures, H&S Policies

As part of the COR services and assistance, 4S provides its clients with start-to-finish COR consulting services. This includes writing your health and safety manual, preparing the job hazard analysis, helping with site inspections, and more. 4S consultants will be with your right through your COR journey until you achieve the COR certification. However, 4S also assists its COR clients with consulting support in year 2 and 3 as well. Moreover, 4S consultants will be there with you during MOL inspector visits. Further, 4S consultants will do all the leg-work for you to assist you with submitting the Internal Audit report to the IHSA.

4SafeCom Online Safety Training and Management System

4S designs and implements an occupational health and safety program customized to your needs. Therefore, it will include all required training in accordance with occupational health and safety laws and regulations. However, equally important, our online management tool, 4SafeCom, keeps your program and training requirements current. This is vital for remaining in compliance since authorities tend to update regulations frequently. 4SafeCom helps you integrate your job hazard analysis into your business flow seamlessly.

Moreover, your staff and business needs to adapt to these changes. 4SafeCom helps you achieve this seamlessly and effectively. In fact, it’s one-of-a-kind system coupled with OHS consulting is the big differentiator. 4S effectively blends technology and consulting services to make their programs sustainable in the long term. The 4SafeCom system can be used for training management, inspections, investigations, claims management, hazard analysis, and more.

All the tools you would require to make and manage your program in a sustainable manner as part of our COR services and assistance

The biggest advantage you will have when you come to 4S is that you have come to one-stop-solution provider for workplace safety in Canada. Therefore, you need not go elsewhere for any other service. Further, 4S customizes its COR services and assistance packages based on your requirements. Therefore, if you don’t require a service, you don’t have to subscribe to it.

Building a ‘Workplace Safety Culture’ – That’s the big picture

If you partner for full COR services and assistance with 4S, rest assured, you will see your workplace culture changing with regards to safety.  4S strongly recommends its clients to work towards creating a sustainable safety culture. Only then workplace safety can be people independent and effective. If not, then you’re looking for band-aid solutions, which will not work in the long run.

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