COR™ Gap Analysis

Getting COR™ certified can be a lengthy task.

The whole process itself can stretch well over 6 months – that is if everything goes correct, with all the deadlines met according to schedule. The IHSA, here in Ontario, require a 2 month window to get back to you after your internal audit submission.

The wise manager will prepare for the eventual back and forth’s.

If one of the 19 Ontario Elements to the COR™  program isn’t above 65% then the program is not certified- meaning more time and resources have to be spent to redo the program.

This is where 4S Consulting can help.

Our COR™  Compliance Audit is an audit based off the COR™  standards. We essentially come in as the mock auditor, perform all the tasks that the external auditor will do and give you a detailed report which can disclose to you whether or not you will be able to pass the COR™  external audit for that submission.

The COR™  Compliance Audit can also be done before the program is conceived – to see what areas you should allocate your resources to. It is an intuitive first step and can greatly improve the success rate on your first attempt to get COR™ certified.

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