COR™ – Certificate of Recognition

Are you ready for gaining Certificate of Recognition?

Are you ready to gain Certificate of Recognition, a health and safety program that's buzzing in Ontario?

COR – A health and safety program that’s buzzing in Ontario

Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an accreditation program that verifies that a construction-related company’s health and safety program has reached a national standard. In Ontario, Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) offers the Certificate of Recognition. COR certified companies demonstrate that they have done more than what it is necessarily deemed by law to be sufficient work, which is reasonable in the given circumstances, to ensure the health and safety of their workers. Therefore, any company that wants to do business with COR certified companies can be assured that risks of injuries and accidents have been dramatically reduced. Moreover, COR certified companies will possess a health and safety management system, which is developed, assessed, and audited annually.

Certificate of Recognition is effective at mitigating risks.

Insurance companies have even gone to the extent of giving breaks, especially in British Columbia and Alberta. Ontario is relatively new to COR certification, but COR is taken to an even more stringent extent here. With 19 elements to score an average of 80%, Ontario is setting a new standard within IHSA COR certification.

COR certification gives you the competitive edge in Ontario

One of the biggest advantages of going for COR certification in Ontario is that it will provide you with the vital competitive edge that you will need in the project bidding process. Moreover, IHSA COR accreditation helps you ensure that you comply with all the legal requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario. Further, COR certification plays a huge role in encouraging higher participation of your workers in the occupational health and safety process while enhancing your organizational culture. COR certification boosts your corporate image as a company that is highly committed towards creating a strong safety culture, which helps you in pursuit of business from marquee clients.

The problem now is,

How does a small to medium sized company – who doesn’t have the personnel or “time” to invest in COR certification take advantage of this opportunity?

Bigger entities such as GTAA, TTC, Metrolinks, and now the City of Toronto, are asking for Certificate of Recognition. How does a large company/corporation implement a whole company culture shift towards safety consciousness – which is what COR certification is basically asking for? How do you get the whole process done when it is time-sensitive and you have the risk of revision being needed? How do ensure that the program is alive and not person dependent – so that you can receive the Letter of Good Standing each and every year?

Whether you are an SMB (Small or Medium Sized Business), or a large corporation – 4S Consulting has a solution for you for IHSA COR accreditation.

For SMB, we can take on the whole health and safety program for you or help you develop it yourself. We know exactly what to look for and how to prioritize the requirements to get your COR certification in time.

If you have a large corporation – we have all the tools necessary for you to implement your COR health and safety program and have it received well by your employees. This will drive the sustainability component of your COR health and safety program. Our 4SafeCom™ system is a highly customizable safety, training, and employee management system that will seamlessly integrate into your workflow so that you do not have to double your work to stay COR compliant.

How do you gain Certificate of Recognition?

COR  program is a three-year certification provided by Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA), the only approved registrar for COR in Ontario. An employer becomes a COR certified company only after the employer successfully complies with all the requirements of the COR program set out by IHSA. Moreover, the employer will have perform and successfully complete the internal audits in year 2 and 3 as well to enable IHSA to issue a Letter of Good Standing for each year. This letter certifies that the company has maintained all the training elements and audit standards in years 2 and 3 as well. In year 4, the company will have to reapply for the COR accreditation. One of the vital aspects for a company to get successfully accredited with COR certification is its ability to demonstrate how it can consistently apply its occupational health and safety program right through the organization.

Why get help from a COR support expert

To gain COR certification, a company needs to make significant changes in the way it performs, documents, and manages its activities. A major attribute of COR certification that the senior leaders of a company must understand is that adopting COR involves a strategic change. Thus, a company will need dedicate more resources and may even require to make vital changes in the ways it conducts its business to become COR compliant. Therefore, companies cannot just afford to view COR as a a business tactic.

Engaging services of a COR support expert is one of the easiest and efficient ways to implement COR program across a company. COR support experts can help a company develop a robust health and safety management system. Moreover, the biggest benefit with COR support experts is that they engage with a company in one-time activities, and guide and coach its workers in running and maintaining the system effectively.

One of the key features of the COR certification is that it pushes a company to create and maintain a health and safety culture. Thus, with COR, a company needs to have a systematic method for maintaining its health and safety program, going forward.  Upon completion of the three-year period, the company needs to get re-accredited while continuing the performance of annual internal audit. Therefore, COR support experts can provide immense help in establishing an online health and safety management system, which is not dependent on any individual. Expert helps in COR assists in setting up a program to maintain training, inspections, investigations, and follow-ups processes on an ongoing basis.


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