Chief Prevention Officer’s Guide for Construction Sites

Chief Prevention Officer’s Guide for Construction Sites

4S Info Bulletin #05

Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, has issued the Chief Prevention Officer’s Guide for construction sites. The document provides construction companies with the expectations for maintaining safe and healthy construction sites during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Effective March 27, 2020, the validity period of Working at Heights training for workers who successfully completed an approved program between February 28, 2017 and August 31, 2017 has been temporarily extended. The validity period has been extended to four (4) years from the current three (3) years.

For more information, read the amending regulation O. Reg. 96/20.

Based on the Best Practices Guide issued on March 20, 2020, which was developed through the Labor Management Committee with the participation of the OGCA, the attached guide for construction sites establishes your legal responsibilities and best practices to protect your workers.

As your Health & Safety Partner, we recommend you use it as the standard required to operate your job sites. Here’s how 4S will be supporting you as your Health & Safety Partner in meeting the requirements of the CPO’s guide for construction sites:

  1. We have come up with COVID-19 online awareness training for employers and employees for communicating roles, responsibilities, and health & safety policies. Please watch out for an email with the login details and links to the online training courses.
  2. We are developing a number of policies & procedures to ensure the health and safety of workers at the worksites in times of the pandemic. Many of these policies and procedures will be supported by webforms on 4SafeCom to support you in the implementation. As a first, we are sending out a policy document for controlling access to worksites and a webform on 4SafeCom to support in implementing the policy.
  3. We will continue to provide you with some useful safety tips, recommendations, and key information to keep you updated on the latest on COVID-19.
Stay tuned for further updates from the 4S team!
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In case you have any questions in this regard, please contact us at info@4sconsult.com.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay updated!


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