5 tips to fight COVID-19 at construction sites

4S is well-aware of the fact that employers need all kinds of support to fight COVID-19 at construction sites. Here are 5 tips to help employers keep their job site staff protected from COVID-19.

4S COVID-19 Special Bulletin #6

Part of the list of essential services, construction sites are up and running during this testing time when COVID-19 is gripping the world. Now that construction sites are active with workers, supervisors, and contractors, it’s time to take effective steps to fight COVID-19 at construction sites.

Earlier on Mar 29, 2020, Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, had issued the Chief Prevention Officer’s Guide that provides construction companies with the expectations for maintaining safe and healthy construction sites during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CLICK HERE to access the document.

As your Health & Safety Partner, we recommend you use it as the standard required to operate your job sites.

Let’s look at 5 tips to help all the relevant workplace parties working at a job sites stay safe, fight COVID-19 effectively, and stop it from spreading:

Tip 1: Share knowledge consistently to help your team fight COVID-19 at construction sites

In the current scenario where COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire, knowledge becomes the biggest piece. As experts of occupational health and safety, it’s crucial that you share your experiences with your staff at the job sites. In fact, go one step further. Also share information updates from other construction industry experts that can help your site staff fight COVID-19 at construction sites better.

Always remember that this is a time when wrong information can spread quickly. Therefore, establish constant communication with your site staff to keep them updated and abreast with the latest on COVID-19. Now that construction is an essential service, which means you need to have some sort of a policy in place for COVID-19 for your workplace.

You will surely need some guidance as an employer. Taking the advice of experienced health and safety consultants in the current circumstances can be beneficial. As an employer, it is crucial for you to keep the job going to ensure economies of scale.

Tip 2: Keep your site staff safe at work

A good starting point to keep your frontline workers at your job sites healthy and safe at work is to provide them with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). This will ensure that your site workers are not going to put themselves in any kind of harm’s way. Also, it provides them with a lot of self-confidence to conduct their work, which is crucial in the current scenario.

In the current scenario, it will be great if you could provide your job site staff with the following:

  • Handwash Stations
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Clean Dispensable Gloves (disposable)
  • Face Masks

These can go a long way in stemming the flow of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Tip 3: Focus on proper cleaning and sanitization processes at your job sites

Ensure that all your job sites have clear cleaning and sanitization processes in place, and that your site staff is aware of the same. Thus, they will know what to do before and after going for a biological break. Moreover, ensure that you have a clear cleaning and sanitization policy for the equipment your site staff use. Try keep the common areas, sheds, change rooms, and first-aid areas clean and sanitized at all times when the site workers are in operation.

Make sure that you have a clear policy for shared equipment at job sites in terms of cleaning and sanitizing before and after use. Ensure that site workers dispose the used gloves at the end of their shift as prescribed in a safe manner.

Tip 4: Ensure all your job site staff follow the social distancing requirements

Ask your site supervisors to say no to safety huddles in this scenario. In fact, get your supervisors to practice social distancing while conducting their toolbox talks or safety meetings. This will be very helpful in curbing the flow of the virus. See if you can be innovative in conducting your toolbox talks or safety meetings.

Tip 5: Conduct COVID-19 Awareness training for all workplace parties at your job sites

Your health and safety partner, 4S Consulting, has rolled-out two online training modules for improving COVID-19 awareness. The employer’s online training module will give you a complete picture of what you need to do as an employer in these testing circumstances. The training helps you understand what your COVID-19 policy must cover, which includes personal protective equipment (PPE) and workplace sanitation. Furthermore, it can help you understand what you need to do in case one of your workers is displaying symptoms or has a recent travel history.

The employee’s online training module will help you understand what COVID-19 is and who is at risk. Moreover, the training helps your employees understand how COVID-19 spreads. After taking the training, your employees will be in a much better position to understand the symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, they will know what to do if they are experiencing some of the symptoms. One of the best things about the training is that, it helps your employees understand how they can prevent COVID-19 from spreading. The training will help them understand what to do at work if they have symptoms or know someone who has the symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has the symptoms.

After completing these online trainings, both you and your employees will have a much better and clearer understanding of COVID-19. Upon completing the training, the responsibilities of the relevant workplace parties will be much clearer.


4S stands by to support you during these challenging times. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help.

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Stay safe, stay healthy!


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