5 reasons why COR is a business strategy

One vital thing you must note is that COR is a business strategy and not just a bidding tactic. COR certification is a process for consistency throughout the organization. Therefore, you need to start by looking at each element of the COR requirements. This is vital for setting up a process to capture and maintain the information. This is exactly why COR is a business strategy. Thus, you cannot just perceive COR certification as just another business tact for eligibility for bidding process. COR looks at a working system and proof of documentation on the activities that happen in an organization.

5 reasons why COR is a business strategy

5 reasons why COR is a business strategy

Here are 5 reasons for you to look at COR certification as a business strategy:

Companies can bid for government and large projects

As a COR certified company, you can bid on government contracts and other large projects with COR as a pre-requisite. This is a very important point since government projects and other large contracts are highly lucrative for companies. Moreover, one of the major benefits of contracting with the government or other large players in prompt payment. In fact, many small projects have funding issues, which results in regular payment delays. Thus, COR is a business strategy and not just a bidding tactic.

Marketing prestige and brand recognition

Having COR certification is serious marketing prestige for any company in Ontario. Moreover, it helps you create a positive and strong image among your customers, industry, and authorities. In fact, with COR, your peers will view your company as one that’s run professionally. Further, the confidence of all the key stakeholders increases since your company will meet a nationally recognized standard. This helps largely in creating a positive brand recognition.

Workplace safety and brand recognition go hand-in-glove. We all remember what happened to the global brand image of British Petroleum after the oil-spill disaster. Rampant social media presence allows people to make information related to your company viral within no time. Further, the last thing you want is negative publicity due to workplace injuries and incidents. With big projects in the offing and a bright future for your business, this publicity doesn’t help. Therefore, COR provides your company with the vital competitive edge in the bidding process.

COR is a highly interactive collective team effort, which brings everyone together

It is not the individual project manager, foreman, or worker who gets the COR certification. In fact, all your employees participate to some level in achieving COR status for your company. Therefore, COR is one of the few achievements that you achieve by participation of everyone in the company. Hence, COR serves as an ideal platform for engaging employee interaction. Thus, it helps improve staff productivity and efficiency.

COR relies heavily on risk management to mitigate chances of workplace accidents or incidents

Risk management is the major focus of COR. It depends heavily on risk management to reduce the chances of incidents and accidents. COR certification requires strict adherence to compliance standards. Further, COR certification is highly process driven. Therefore, it requires creation, completion, updating, and maintenance of safety related documentation. This helps largely in enabling your staff to plan and prevent incidents.

In turn, this dramatically reduces the chances projects getting delayed by preventable accidents and incidences. Moreover, project delays can be costly for the company, which affects their commercial viability. Being highly process driven, COR allows you to deliver projects on time.

COR certified companies tend to attract more talented and dedicated staff

COR acts like a strong magnet for your company in attracting highly talented and dedicated staff. These staff members generally prefer working for companies that are structured and organized. COR provides you with just that.

COR is a business strategy and not just a tactic to participate in the bidding process

Expert consultants for COR tend to provide you with quality assistance to get COR certified in Ontario. COR process is lengthy, filled with documents, and requires patience. This is where help from expert COR consultants can come in really handy. They will do all the leg-work for you and help you cross the finishing line. Further, they will provide you with all the tools and systems required to make the COR certification process easier in Ontario. COR consultants will assist you with the COR process right from start-to-finish.


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