5 factors that cause health and safety hazards

5 factors that cause health and safety hazards

Health and safety hazards can appear due to factors such as people, equipment, material, environment, and process. Moreover, accidents and incidents are often not a result of a single event. Multiple factors contribute to such unfortunate events.

Following are the 5 factors that cause health and safety hazards:


People’s actions, whether they display them or not, have a significant impact on workplace health and safety. Therefore, actions become one of the major factors that cause health and safety hazards.


Equipment include tools and machines that people work with. Further, equipment includes those to which people are near. Equipment can include fixed machines, vehicles, material handling devices, hand tools, protective equipment, and personal gear. Moreover, some equipment can potentially emit harmful chemicals. Furthermore, certain equipment can produce physical agents such as heat, noise, vibration, or radiation during operation.


Material include raw material, products, hazardous chemicals, and other substances that workers use, process, or handle. Therefore, it is important to be aware about the damage material can cause to the property. These damages could be owing to spills, corrosions, burns, or explosions.


Environment refers to all parts of a workplace. Moreover, there are six aspects of a workplace that can be a potential hazard. The condition of all surfaces on which people walk or where company places its things is important. Further, unsafe or poor conditions such as overcrowding and poor ventilation become important. Furthermore, hazards caused by physical agents such as light, temperature, and noise are vital to analyze. It is important to consider housekeeping hazards such as spilled cleaning fluids, since they can be inhaled. Maintenance hazards such as blocked stairs, debris on stairs, and blocked floors and exits are critical for hazard analysis.


Process considers how things are done at the workplace as a whole. Therefore, it connects the previous contributors – people, equipment, material, environment. Moreover, process covers the hazards that may be prevalent a process between these factors occurs.

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