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What is 4SafeSME™?

4SafeSME™ is our occupational health and safety solution for small to medium sized enterprises (SME). We saw a need in the market for a tailor-made solution to SME’s, that would take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of SME’s. This gave birth to 4SafeSME™.

“Game Changer”

Whereas many companies have a “here is your health and safety manual, goodbye” approach – we at 4S are For Safety first. That means we won’t compromise on the quality and service of your health and safety program but rather get you in compliance with the Workwell™ or COR™ standards and prove due diligence. We will provide all the support you need to make the health and safety program alive and sustainable – without breaking your back in fees.

Our 3 Stage Process3partprocess


We have a three-stage process, where we come in, implement the program, mentor you how to maintain it and then monitor how you do. Our aim is not for you to be reliant on us. We wouldn’t be authentic towards our goal of getting your company health and safety conscious if that were the case. No, we are here to get your health and safety program up and running, while being on standby for ongoing support – should you need it. The program will be process-dependant – not dependant on the health and safety person.

Our experts surgically identify the gaps between the program and the standard. This serves as the roadmap to implement the new program. We work with you to create the plan, manual, administer the necessary trainings and implement the system.

We train you to ensure you make the program “your own”. 4SafeSME™ uses a perfect harmony of technology and expertise to ensure a seamless integration into your workflow.

What if we have an existing program?

If you have an existing program – that is great. You are ahead of many companies. We will work with what you have to get you in compliance with the standards. We are prepared to help you at wherever you are in the process.


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