4SafeCom™ – Safety Training and Management System

4SafeCom™ is a highly configurable, online safety training and management system that many clients are finding to be a crucial part of their business operations. 4SafeCom™ seamlessly integrates into the workflow of your business – allowing safety to be implemented and integrated easily into the day-to-day functions of the business.

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4SafeCom™ is THE tool to bring your safety program alive

When we say alive, it is a criteria as impactful as quality control and efficiency.
It is dynamic and responsive to the changing environment and regulations.
It is not dependent on any one person; it functions with or without the health and safety manager.

How do you know 4SafeCom™ is for you

  • If you want to be proactive
  • If you want processes in place which create consistent results
  • If you are proud of your brand
  • If you are ready for the next stage


Companies time after time adopt a new system or technology that creates an advantage that competitors now need to even be on the same playing field.
4SafeCom™ will help you be at the leading edge, instead of lagging behind.

With 4SafeCom™ you can

  • Organize certificates and documents in an easily accessible format
  • Cut down on downtime
  • Track employee training
  • Track acknowledgement of policies and procedures
  • Run reports to identify bottlenecks
  • Handle inspections and update supervisors right away


Have a look at some of our features. Contact us to find out how 4SafeCom™ can help you.


The Job Safety Analysis is captured into the system and provides a visual representation of the workflow and potential hazards. Based off the Job Safety Analysis the policies and procedures are developed and uploaded – with the required training issued. Everyone will be notified of the new policies and procedures that are put into place.



The online training module hosts all of your required training for the operations of the business. It is synced with the training matrix so that if any of your employees need any training, their user account automatically captures it and prompts them to complete it. If you are subscribed to the 4SafeCom™ system, all mandatory training due to changes in legislation are automatically updated and issued on to your system – free of cost. Training can be easily issued for any new hire.


The training management module has all of your employees training requirements stored in the training matrix. All pending training will be issued and all completed training certificates are uploaded and stored – so that they are easily accessible if it needs to be reviewed. The system’s administrator and supervisors will know of completed and pending training. Managers can easily see what training is required for new hires – based on the matrix.


Your employees can easily incorporate safety practices into their workflows with 4SafeCom™ mobile. Employees can upload inspections and pictures straight into the system for review with a snapshot with their phone’s camera. You can create custom checklists suited to your own work environment. Supervisors can easily review and ensure the proper procedures are followed. This function will make it very easy to implement the safety program into your employees’ workflow.


Records of inspections, reports, and disciplinary actions can be all kept on the 4SafeCom™ system. Managers will also know whether employees have read over new policies and procedures as well. The required fields of information can all be pulled up into a report which you can easily follow up on. You can also manage HR functions as well. Employees can fill out time requests and sick forms all within the system.


When you are subscribed to 4SafeCom™, all your employees will be issued a training card. Our state-of-the-art training cards houses all the training information of an employee. On the job site, if your employee needs to pull up any certification, he can do it easily through our system and any device that can open a web browser, i.e. a cell phone. Or just scan the card and it’s available.


Accident reporting is a breeze with the 4SafeCom™ system. Just pull up a form and fill it out. Run reports, investigations and follow ups. Figure out what the trends are bottlenecks. Revise the process to reduce risks and down-times even further. 4SafeCom™ helps you innovate and reinvent your business flow by providing the information you need.


The 4SafeCom™ system beautifully handles claims management. Just open the module and fill out the form. The correct WSIB form for your region will be filled up – ready to be sent. More information about the incident is available to you when document it right away. 4SafeCom™ lets you be on top of the whole process. Monitor new and pending claims.


4SafeCom™ can be a warehouse of information related to your workplace, while being discreet and organized. All resource and reference materials such as the health and safety manual as well as the Material Safety Data Sheet can be uploaded into the system for easy, individual access.


In a safety-conscious workspace, regular inspections are performed. Whether it’s a monthly whole warehouse inspection, weekly office inspection, daily workflow inspection or even a forklift inspection – 4SafeCom™ has the tools and forms you need to get that done. Pull up your checklists and forms on your handheld device and complete it on the spot.

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