4SafeCom™ Subcontractor Management System


Over the years, outsourcing work to a subcontractor has increased exponentially in Ontario. That said, there are many OHS risks associated with a subcontractor working at your site.

What’s the best and the easiest way to prepare for these OHS risks? The answer is ‘having an online subcontractor management system’. CLICK HERE to register for the subcontractor management seminar.

4SafeCom™ Subcontractor Management System

This is a simple information-sharing platform, which enables managing subcontractors’ OHS data highly efficient.

If you are worried about:

  • Expired training records of subcontractors
  • Expired WSIB clearance certificate
  • Expired General Liability Insurance
  • Subcontractors not doing your online site orientation

Then, the subcontractor management system is the best way forward for you.

Here are some of the amazingly useful features of 4SafeCom™ Subcontractor Management System:

4Safecom Subcontractor Management System Home Screen

System Home Screen

Get good control over all your subcontractors’ OHS documents such as training records and insurance documents. Keep a watchful eye on your own training records. Do all of this through a simple dashboard. It is one of the easiest ways to manage the OHS requirements of all your subcontractors.

4Safecom Subcontractor Management System Subcontractor List

Subcontractor list

Access all OHS-related records and information of your subcontractors at one place. Moreover, know all the individual status updates through our simple dashboard. Simply click and manage your subcontractors OHS documents through the dashboard. No need to wait for the latest status updates anymore. They will be right in front of you on your dashboard. The subcontractor list allows you to evaluate the document status of all your subcontractors at a glance in a simple dashboard. Therefore, at any given point in time, you will know the pending documents to be sent by your subcontractors.

4Safecom Subcontractor Management System Subcontractor ABC Canada

Individual Subcontractor Screen

Request WSIB clearance certificates, request policy review, and communicate with your subcontractors through our user-friendly dashboard. This feature is useful in case of expired records or documents, especially from a due diligence perspective.  You can constantly monitor the training matrix to keep a watch on the training compliance. The individual subcontractor screen provides you with all the relevant information pertaining to that subcontractor. This includes contact details, pending document requests, and pending reviews, among others.

4Safecom Subcontractor Management System Training Matrix

Subcontractor Training Matrix

View all the training records of your subcontractors in the training matrix. Review status of all the training assigned. Ensure that you take appropriate action on pending or expired training. All this, in one simple dashboard. Ensuring updated training is one of the best ways to ensure safe work procedures. The system helps you largely towards achieving this end.

At any given point in time, you can run the subcontractor training matrix report. This will provide you with a clear picture on the total training assigned to the subcontractor and the ones that are outstanding or have expired. Therefore, the training matrix helps you in ensuring that you do not allow subcontractors with expired training onsite.

Based on the results of the training matrix, you can request the subcontractor to take refresher training or retraining, based on the circumstances and the nature of the expired training.

The training matrix also provides you with the information on the subcontractors that have completed site-specific orientation and those who haven’t. Thus, you can get them to do the site-specific orientation before they get onsite.

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