4S COR Breakfast Seminar for ECAO members

4S COR Breakfast Seminar for ECAO members

The Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) has partnered with 4S Consulting for supporting ECAO members in the areas of workplace safety and COR™ certification. 4S Consulting (4S) are Experienced COR™ Consultants / Associate External COR™ Auditors of the IHSA, with over a decade’s experience in Occupational Health and Safety.

4S will be conducting a private breakfast seminar for ECAO members at the ECAO office on ‘sustainable tools for achieving & maintaining COR™ in Ontario.

What is COR™?

COR™ is a standard endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA). Further, it provides employers with an effective tool to assess their existing health and safety management system. In Ontario, Infrastructure Health and Safety Association is the only registrar that provides Certificate of Recognition (COR™). In fact, COR™ is fast-becoming a mandatory requirement for bidding on projects of most municipalities and organizations. Therefore, to be ahead of competition in the race is in your best interest. Hence, we recommend you not to delay completing the COR™ process.

In Ontario, COR™ has become a pre-requisite for many top organizations. These include Metrolinx, GTAA, TTC, York Region, Infrastructure Ontario, City of Brampton, City of Milton, and City of Toronto. That’s what started the buzz in the early part of 2016. In 2017, the York Region made COR™ mandatory for bidding for any project in excess of $150,000. Moreover, this added to the COR™ impetus, since the Small and Medium Sized companies started joining the race, which was not the case in early 2016. Today, COR™ certification has reached a stage where you just cannot remain registered anymore. The luxury of just remaining registered and bid for projects is soon vanishing. It’s time to take action.

CLICK HERE to check the latest COR™ requirements of various organizations published by the IHSA.

The clock’s ticking – It’s time to take action and become COR™ certified

Come January 2019, companies cannot just remain registered for COR™. In fact, companies need to be COR™ certified as the clock’s ticking. If you want to bid for projects of Metrolinx, GTAA, TTC, York Region, Infrastructure Ontario, City of Brampton, City of Milton, and City of Toronto, you need COR™. Today, more companies started realizing that COR™ audits will help them demonstrate how well they evaluate, assess, control, and manage risks for their workers. Companies in Ontario have begun seeing COR™ accreditation as a serious competitive edge among peers in the project bidding process.

We came across a situation where a company bid for a project at $750,000. Another company bid for the same project at $450,000, which turned out to be the lowest bid for that project. However, the buyer decided to go with the first company that bid $750,000. The reason being the lowest bidding company was not COR™ certified while the highest bidder was. The second company lost the project despite bidding 40% lower.

With more and more companies becoming COR™ certified, buyers are increasingly choosing COR™ certified companies over those who are just registered, irrespective of the bid differences. READ MORE.

There are many tools in the market to support you with COR™. However, how do you choose the right tool that will assist you in achieving and maintaining COR™? That’s the big question. Often, by the time companies realize that they have chosen a tool, which is a complete misfit, they’re deep into their COR™ journey by when they would have invested a good sum of money, man hours, and team efforts. We will provide you with tips and recommendations that will help you choose the right tools that will work for your business.

4S breakfast seminar for ECAO members – How can it help?

Learn more from expert COR™ Consultant / Associate External COR™ Auditor of the IHSA about how to choose the right tools that will help you get  COR™ certified and maintain the certification:

  1. Get to know more about sustainable options that can be customized to your company’s requirements to support you with COR™.
  2. How to choose the right online tools to make COR™ compliance quick and easy.
  3. Understand ways of managing your documentation quick and easy using online tools that integrate with your business flow.
  4. Learn how integrating your JHA with your system can make a difference.
  5. Explore how an built-in LMS coupled with record management can make your COR™ process easy, quick, and effective.

It’s time to be better prepared to become COR certified

4S breakfast seminar for ECAO members is an ideal place for to know more about the challenges posed by Ontario COR™. In fact, the fact that Metrolinx and the City of Toronto have made COR mandatory for bidding on jobs along with other top buyers adds to the buzz around COR. First of all, you have already put in all the initial efforts required to become COR™ certified in Ontario. However, it is not too uncommon to lose focus on COR™ with a busy business season ahead and many projects to handle. Please note that by delaying COR™, you are increasing the chances of losing projects to competition despite registering for COR™.

Therefore, you have more than one reason to ensure that you don’t lose your COR™ momentum. In fact, this is the perfect time for you to step on the gas and work even harder to become COR™ certified. Hence, attending informative seminars such as the 4S COR breakfast seminar for ECAO members COR™ can be a good step to understand various ways of making the COR™ process easier in Ontario.

4S Consulting can help!

Join us to learn more about how to achieve COR™ certification and obtain the tools for your organization’s health and safety management systems to become certified. With this information you can make your certification process as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

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